Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One Month!!

(a half smile?)
 Tomorrow is my darling baby's one month birthday!!  How did THAT happen!?  With the exception of laundry, showers and the other basic daily necessities, life has basically been on hold as we snuggle and love our new baby Ari.  His big sister and big brother are simply the most amazing with him.  They are helpful, calming and loving to their tiny new sibling.  We couldn't ask for anything more and we are simply so proud of both of them.
(calm Ari)

Sleep comes and goes.  Some days/nights are better than others but with this being my third go-around with new motherhood, I know that this too shall pass.  So instead of dreading the nights and what sleep may or may not await me, I am trying to roll with each minute and enjoy this very brief time.  Because I know I'm going to blink and it will be over!

(a sleep deprived but oh so happy and blissful Mommy)

I do stare at my creative space and long to be back there and know that I will be at some point very soon.  It's a bit dusty and covered with piles and will most definitely need a massive overhaul.  But I think that'll be a great project to do as it'll definitely be useful to kick start my long, dormant mojo!!  I'm still reading/following and will be getting back to commenting.  I miss my crafty connections!  Oh and if you haven't heard - Google Reader is soon being retired.  I'm transferring my crafty friends to the fun and easy to use Bloglovin reader.  I've been reading on Bloglovin since my days with Some Odd Girl and have found it to be a great alternative to Google. 

Thanks for coming by today!  See you soon around the crafty 'hood!  ;)

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Crafty Hugs my friends!