Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What a storm!

Hey All!!

For those of you in the Northeast region I hope you all survived the snow safely!!  We had a great time hunkering down and riding out the storm.  Later in the day the older kids headed outside with Ian to shovel, snow blow and sled while I stayed inside with Ari.  It was a bit too cold for him and quite honestly, too deep!  And, while I'm being honest, I don't really like playing in the snow either!  I'll do it to be with my kids but I don't enjoy it - not for one second!  HA!  I'd MUCH rather be inside playing, creating and/or snuggling.

Anyway, while the rest of the world had a snow day, we had school!  I know, boo on me for making my kids school but honestly, they've got it good over here!  They get more free time and more fun time than the kids in school any day!  I will say that I let them have a pajama day AND we played games during school!  AND they got to play in the snow both inside and out!

We carried on with our unit on Ancient Egypt learning how mummification works - I heard the word 'gross' at least a dozen times.  We learned how farming works in the desert, thanks in part to the regular flooding of the Nile and we talked a lot about daily life.  The children did their DEAR time and today Daddy was a "guest lecturer" (lol) and worked with them on fractions.  (a subject that I abhor!)

working on spelling!
i LOVE the grunge hat look on Ty!
lollipops and Boggle - you don't get THAT in public school!  
total QT!
day in the life
art time
LOVES this workbench that a dear friend of ours gave to Ari

indoor snow play!
he's learning 'cheeeeeeeeeseeeeeeee' - hahahaha
evening snuggles
she snuggles like it's her job
this morning's adorableness
new day - new hat!
guest lecturer
watching Daddy snow blow a path in the yard for Katie!

The kids have since gone out to sled before Tyler's pottery class.  Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Catching Up!

Good Blizzardy Morning!!

We are so excited with all of this snow!!  I know, I know it's a pain for some but we really love to hunker down, keep the weather channel on in the background and watch out the windows all day on a day like today!  Fingers are crossed all around that we don't lose power but beyond that - we're happy.

We finished up our unit on Mesopotamia last week and we journeyed to Ancient Egypt yesterday!!  I have put together lots of fun materials, some that I had and some that I purchased here.  I find it a great resource for fun, supplemental materials.

Here's what we've been up to!

Ty is rocking out his pottery class - he LOVES it!
she has come SO far with her multiplication!  she *almost* has all of her tables memorized!
jumping with a snack!
reading over breakfast
double digit addition and subtraction - he's getting REALLY good!
he's OBSESSED with the Usborne Illustrated Stories for Boys book!  awesome!
Loving the Fairy Realm Series
We talked a lot about MLK last week and they had amazing questions
A quick check at the orthodontist - no braces...yet!
a phenomenal poster at our library!
Lego Club - Ty
Lego Club - Kendall 
I love her details
we call this dinner a "snack plate"
It's one of Ari's favorite types of meals!
Chocolate covered espresso beans - for Mommy ;)
reading with her furry sister!
snuggling like puppies 
making his own lunch!
If I didn't know better, I would have said she's channeling her inner Punky Brewster!
this is what 4:50 am looks like
playing with snow
Lunch with Kendall's bestie!  We went to a phenomenal restaurant to check it out for my brother's upcoming rehearsal dinner.  
so much yum!
beautiful presentation
inhaling the rosemary french fries!
he totally knows how cute he is ;)
beautiful sky! 
sorting sequins she got for Christmas - so organized!
sledding with friends!
enjoying NOT sledding!  lol!
too grown up for me to even handle!  =)  
playing catch with Po
we love silly breakfasts in this house!
it looks piratey to me!  yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
hello Egypt and thank you Grandma for these awesome books!
woke up and HAD to sketch immediately - love
DEAR time
focusing on a tricky word search
a fantastic Egypt bundle!
bring it on!
he insisted she sit with him!
we ventured out before the storm hit to enjoy some sledding and to clean up some fallen branches
Ty's so helpful and willing to learn! It's just awesome...
unsure and not really loving it!
but he LOVED this!
and this!
ha! and this!
he ESPECIALLY loved the after part with hot chocolate and marshmallows!
fairy house
mmmmmmmmmmmmm...getting warm!
I taught them one of my favorite and most basic art techniques.  I learned this from my elementary school art teacher, Leslie.  How to make paper snowflakes!!
It's awesome when you can open them up and they magically transform into a beautiful snowflake!
that mug gets me every time!
snip, cut, clip, clip, clip!
playing with dry lentils!
such amazing helpers!!  she did this and picked up the playroom AND the TV room without being asked...too amazing for words...
and then she let her brother mug on her screen time!
sharing thoughts on the Fairy Realm

Happy and safe snow day!!