Friday, November 16, 2007


I've photographed all the details in the albums and uploaded them all to It's a fun site. It allows you to have all of your photos in one place running on a continuous loop. Once you're done, you click 'save' and it provides you with html script that you can then plug into Blogger, Facebook, My Space, or whatever communication website that you use and it loop through your photos.

So if you're interested in viewing the albums that I've created just scroll down to the very bottom of my blog and watch the slide show!

We're off to Baltimore for the weekend and I can't WAIT to give Grandmother her books! I'm *tempted* to say 'Grandmother...THIS is your life!' ... but that's just a *little* too cheezy ;)

Have a creative weekend everyone!!

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nita said...


i miss you already! have fun and totally say, 'this is yourrrrr life!' and then march a bunch of random old guys in one at a time and make her guess who they are. hahahahahahah