Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday Fishes!!

My darling son turned 3 this past Sunday. Poor kid has been sick on each birthday he's had thus far so my fingers were crossed that everyone was healthy!! We had it at a place called Noodle, Noggin and Bean. It is an interactive playspace with many different activities. In one room they have basketball hoops and climbing structures, another room has art supplies all set up, one room has a giant wooden train and firetruck for the kids to climb on, there's a music room, a spaceship, a pirate ship with a large water table complete with fishing poles and magnetic fish. One room is a diner/kitchen, there's a doctor's office and a room with golfballs, pipes, levers and pulleys to arrange and rearrange to make different mazes for the balls to fall through.

The party was smashing. All I had to do was bring the food!

I wanted to make him a special card with all of the things that I know he loves. Fish...being the primary. And any kind of transportation vehicle is also number one in this house!!

I can't take credit for this card idea as I found it while parusing Nicole's blog which I do often for inspiration. I didn't do the same design she did but just used the general idea for inspiration. I think I used a tad too much hair gel so I'll remember for next time not to use as much.

He loved his card and loves playing with the "fish"! LOL! Such a cutie.

I hope you're all having a great start to your week!

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