Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a quick post showing off one of the Mother's Day cards that I made!! I'm trying desperately to utilize my scraps that are starting to completely overtake their designated drawer in my studio. I try to sort through my scraps every quarter or so and pull out what I know I'll never use and I add those pieces to my kids art supplies. The rest I try to coordinate by solid and designer then by color. It lasts for a while and then turns back into a giant mish mash again. But most of the pieces that I used for this card came from the scrap drawer.

I FINALLY busted out my sewing machine and gave it a permanent home on my desk. It's always threaded and ready to go. (if I don't keep it ready I'll never use it!) I find it so fun to be able to stitch and add that fabulous extra touch on my cards!! I love sewing fabric and find it very gratifying but it is also very challenging. But sewing on paper is a piece of cake!!!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!!