Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Crafting

as much as i hate to admit babygirl is now 2.8 and says things like "NO MUMMY!! I do it like a BIG girl" kills me. but that's more for a therapist than for here...
but i digress...
we made paper dolls this afternoon and they came out smashingly!! i must post about this because i'm really hoping she's as into crafting as i am and i know she'll love to see her own creations on the computer. even though she doesn't really know what it is. =)


Sew Club said...

Hi there! It looks like you two had a wonderful time! My almost-2 yr old, while not having made much himself, likes seeing my cards up on the screen. I must have him trained, because he always says "I like your card, Mommy." That's my boy! {big goofy grin} Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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