Saturday, June 9, 2007


Blog candy that is!! YUM!!! Here's my offering to you all. Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. It was really monumental for me to hit 1K!! YAY!!!

My blog candy consists of the following goodies:

*1 pkg K&Company Rub-on Magic - Adhesive rub-ons with glitter

*15 pieces of 4.5 x 6.5" Pocket Full of Posies Matstack cardstock

*1 pkg. K-ology embossed stickers

*1 pkg Li'l Davis Designs - Tinsletown chipboard shapes in Rose

*Inkadinkado Clear Stamp set in Special Flowers - complete with acrylic block

To enter, please post a comment on this post answering one or all of the following:

1. what is your most cherished stamping/scrapping embellishment or tool?

2. what brand(s) do you use the most and why?

3. what is your best time management advice?

This contest will run through Friday, June 15th ending at 1 pm, EST. I will pick a winner at random with the help of

Thanks so much for playing!! I hope everyone is having a creative weekend!!

p.s. - Now don't go asking me if you can have some of my fabulous wall board paneling that's so nicely displayed in the background of the candy pictures. I know you all want it...but it's all mine!! Geee...I love my basement! hehehehe...


Cheryl KVD said...

Hello! I use Stampin Up the most of any brand. My most cherished tool is the stamp a ma jig. Love the clear stamp set you are offering!
Cheryl KVD

SusanH said...

Right now my most cherished tool is my Scor-it - it's not just for folding cards!! You can really do some fun things with it! And I like all kinds of brands, find it extremely hard to pick one favorite.

Jackie said...

My most cherished tool is my ATG tape gun. I use it on everything and the adhesive is wonderful! I use alot of Hero Arts stamps - and they have come out with clear sets this year, too, and I am so glad. I just love using clear stamps! As for time management the only advice I have is what works for me - put things away as soon as you are through using them. It saves me time looking for something under a pile of stuff and I don't have to spend as much time cleaning up when I complete a project. It's just me - I can't work in a messy space :-)

amber said...

My favorite tool is my Cuttlebug. I love using the Cuttlebug to cut out die cuts for cards and name tags. I make quick cards by embossing the backgrounds with my Cuttlebug. I think that the cuttlebug saves time since I am able to match any background I wantusing plain paper jazzed up by the cuttlebug.

Dawn Easton said...

Congrats on your 1000 hits! I'd have to say that my fave tool right now is the Bind It All that my husband bought me. Love that thing! I almost always use Stampin'Up! products because I can match paper and embellishments so easily! For saving time, I usually will stamp two or three images and put them aside to use another day. I am trying to get in the habit of making TWO cards at once so I use up the other half of the paper I cut and all the scraps too!

Nancy said...

Oh PUH-LEEZE pick me!!! What wonderful treats!

My most cherished and used tool are my tweezers... I use them to remove the backing from my double sided tape, use them to help me hold on to small layers to place them perfectly, use them to place jewels, use them to open brads. They are always within my reach... and I bought a second pair so I never have to worry!

Jan Scholl said...

My Cropidile is a lifesaver and I cant kill myself with it.

I use mostly Bazzill cardstock and have at least one sheet of every color.

The best time management is to never get out of bed! Kidding- I have no clue as I always have a list, scratch the done things off and still add more before I get to throw it away.

Always make a duplicate of your favorite cards and keep a show and tell box of them

Kirsi said...

Hi there! Congrats on all those hits! My favourite tool is scissors. Couldn't craft without them. Favourite brand... really don't have one. Just use anything I find that pleases my eye. Time management advice - I need those as well.

Anonymous said...

I cherish my cuttlebug.
I mostly use SU! because I have the most of it.
And I usually stamp at night when my kidos are all in bed!!
Congrats on your hits and great candy.

Pattyjo said...

I would have to say the Cuddlebug. I love it the most because it makes my cards look more profesional. Also because I use to sruggle with backgrounds before not now. Thanks for being so generous and allowing others in for the blog goodies!

Anonymous said...

Great blog candy! My favorite tool is cutterbee scissors. I've had them for years and they still are sharp and cut cleanly and precisely! Right now my favorite brand of stamps are the fancy pants clear stamps. Just love the designs! My organizational tip is to put things away after you use them! I need to follow my own advice because I often spend too much time looking for missing stuff!

Unknown said...

My best time management advice is to store all paper scraps by color. Saves me from having to search through a bin of paper for that perfect piece.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that my favorite brand right now is Paper Trey stamps. I love them. I do tend to use SU ink ad paper the most because it coordinates so well. Congrats on your blog. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

New to this sight and I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing. My favorite thing to use is my hole and eyelet setter. I love Bais Gray paper mainly for there different colors. I feel that if you sketch things or do a paper layout for a card or scrapbook page it really saves time.

Cathy M said...

Congrats on your hits and what sweet sweet candy you are celebrating with your readers. I am thinking of all the fun things I can make with these yummy things. What do I cherish right cuttlebug emboss folders.
What Stamps...of course Stampin UP all there products are top notch, but I do have other brands. Time management...when the family has things to do. That way they usually stay away and I have my FUN time. Thanks for a chance for this awesome candy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the hits. Great blog candy. My newest toy is the cuttlebug. Love it.

pnablo said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on 1k...
I use SU! the most, Iam a demo. My fav tool right now is my Crop A Dile....

nita said...


1. my most precious stamping tool is you.

2. i mostly use whatever sarah puts out at her fun card parties where i mangle whatever we're trying to create

3. the best time management skill is to NOT get sucked into scrapping :)

oo boy, i hope i win!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 1K!!!!
And thanks for offering such neat candy :)

My most cherished tool is my little Xyron 150. It is just the greatest for applying adhesive to those little embellishments that don't want to stick!

Anonymous said...

MOST cherished? Yikes...So Hard! Probably my assted inks as nothing looks right anymore without a little touch of shadow, grunge etc! Love Versafine Onyx inks because they dry so FAST! Time saver - Clean Up As You Go... Michelle A. from Mass

Anonymous said...

My favorite tool would be my paper cutter. i have the Creative Memories system and love that i get staight lines and can cut shapes as well. My favorite product is SU I love how quick and easier their scappin sets are. And I love how thick their cardstock is. My time saving tip is to do more than one project at a time. Then I feel I'm not always cleaning up. (does that make sense to any one or just me LOL) Congrats to you!! Thanks for the chance, love those clear stamps!!

nclark said...

I think I would have to say my most cherished tool is my digital camera. Having three grandbabies keeps me taking quite a few pictures. Things have come so far since the time of sending out your Kodak 110 film by mail and having it delivered a few weeks later (providing it didn't get lost!

Elaine said...

1. what is your most cherished stamping/scrapping embellishment or tool? Prima flowers or ribbon

2. what brand(s) do you use the most and why? SU because it is easy (and it is invading my space) when I reach for something, most of the time it is SU by default...because there is so much.

3. what is your best time management advice? stay organized so you don't loose things!

Aloha Jan said...

Stampin' Up! products is the clear winner for me. I could not function without my Stamp-ma-jig! As far as time management: Have your end goal in mind, formulate the plan, and then work the plan :-) Easier said than done though :-) if your impulsive nature takes over.

Unknown said...

I'm a stampin' up! demo, so of course I use their product the most. However, I love my crop-i-dile! I don't know how I did eyelets before? This thing is great! It punches through tin and hcipboard and sets eyelets silently! Improtant when you're stamping when the kids are asleep. Time I stamp into the wee hours. No wonder I'm so
Thanks for letting us play!

Anonymous said...

Great candy - really love that clear stamp set!

I don't really have a particular "tool" that I have has a favorite, but I couldn't live without my SU papercutter or my SU scissors. Other that that, it's up in the air as to what I'll use.

Adelina said...

Favorite brand: Impress
Favorite Tool: X-Acto knife
Time Management Advice: make a stack of cards for upcoming holidays, events or occasions a month before they occur. That way you're not rushed to make them. It takes some planning, but it's so worth it.

Alison said...

Hmmm, let's see:
favorite tool I can't live without is my Fiskars 12-inch paper trimmer. I've got the original model, and I just love it! I'm prolly going to have to get a new one, since the blades are getting hard to find, but I love that thing!
Favorite brand is Stampin' Up! (because I'm a demonstrator, I've got to use it to sell it!)
Time management tip: don't take any time management advice from me! I am a disorganized mess.

Wanda said...

My favorite Brand has always been Stampin' Up! Mostly because all of their colors match. That to me is VERY important when stamping and scrapbooking. Things should not only coordinate but they should also match. I've used and loved that brand for many many years!

Laura Evangeline said...

I can't live without my paper flowers! I love Stampin' Up! And I don't really have a set time for scrapbooking. I live alone, so when I'm home it's ALWAYS TIME!

ThreadCatcher said...

My favorite tool is the Stamp a ma jig followed closely by my punches. I use Stampin Up products 90% of the time; I like knowing that the paper/ink/ribbon/eyelets all match and which ones co-ordinate. Best time management tip is to have things organized so you can find what you are looking for when you want it. Great blog candy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! My favorite stamps are Stampin' Up. I like the convenience of having sets of stamps that co-ordinate with each other. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't own a zillion stamps that aren't SU!!!

Lois Michael said...

Favorite tool, probably my cuttlebug, brands used most, Stampin'Up and Stampendous love the images, I am horrible at time management, I get lost in my stamping & seem to let other things go....not good, my 1st step in admitting I am addicted.

Unknown said...

I use almost all Stampin' Up! stuff -- you can't beat the quality and the I love that the colors match for ink, cardstock, and accessories.
My most favorite item is brads, all styles and colors. They're so easy to use, and add just the right finishing touch to so many projects.
I actually have pretty poor time management, so I can't offer any advice. The only time I get to stamp is after the kids are asleep.

Mrs. Nancy G said...

My tool would have to be my sponges. I use them to distress almost all my cards. I love to blend my inks and I can't do it without my sponges. No brand name on the package. I get them really cheap with The Angel Company.
My time management system is my 6 month old daughter. Squeeze in as much stamping when she's sleeping or playing. :-)

Anonymous said...

my current favorite is my Tombow multi glue(the green and white one). I use this for everything. it is just the best glue around.

Michelle Zerull said...

My most cherished stamping/scrapping embellishment or tool? That would have to be my rotary cutter. I never got the hang of paper trimmers, and as a former quilter, I find the rotary cutter to be more acurate and make a nicer "cut".

What brands do I use? I always use blck Memories Ink. It leaves a nice crisp black and never smudges or runs. Other than that...I'll try just about anything regardless of brand.

And I have no advice when it comes to time management. Somedays I think I'll never get ANYTHING done. I'm hopeless!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Congrats on your hits! I wish you continued success. I use SU mostly but LOVE & buy everything & anything! ROFL!! Yesterday I used my Stamp-a-ma-jig for the first time and I am hooked! It is now my favorite tool Time management---what's that??!!
Charlene Austin

SuperCool CreationS said...

Congrats Meredith!
I've discovered (and am a little obsessed with) Martha Stewart's crafting line and love her flower embellishments. Mostly I use Stampin Up products though...I like the color coordinating!

julie said...

Congrats on receiving so many hits!! How exciting. My favorite stamps are stampin up and clear stamps. I'm kind of new at stamping, so my favorite tools are some new punches that I just got. :) Here's to another thousand hits!

Linda SS said...

Thanks for sharing with us:) My favorite tool is my Spellbinder Wizard because it uses any brand to diecut & is so heavy duty. My current favorite brand is Cuttlebug. They are so reasonably priced and have such a cut variety of folders and dies. Time management? Yikes, I could use that advice myself, rather than give it. I guess my advice is to not if I will just listen to my own advice!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 1000!
And thanks for offering a chance to win!!!

The brand I buy and use most often is Stampin' Up!
The reason:
* because that is how I was introduced to stamping
* I belong to a SU stamp club
* I think SU products are very high value
* I really like the vast assortment of products
* it's so easy to find examples of cards made with most any of their stamp sets

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

This is hard! I LOVE brads and I LOVE punches...I think it's a tie. Marvy is the brand I use the most for punches for sure. I use Stampin' Up the most for stamps. And time management?? What is that???

Kristina Lewis said...

My favorite tool is the Cuttlebug, don't you love the embossing folders?! My favorite brand is Stampin' Up! With all the paper matching the brads matching the buttons mtaching the ink,'s kinda like Garanimals clothing(spelling?) when I was a kid. (the mix and match clothes). Time saver, hmmmm, check out lots of blogs to get inspired, oh yeah, I think I might spend too much time doing that ;)! Love your blog and congrats!

Pat said...

Stampin' Up is my most used brand. My most cherished tool would have to be my cuttlebug. Organization is my time management tip...have a place for everything and clean up after every stamping session. It makes me want to stamp again when I can find what I am looking for.


Anonymous said...

the thing I use the most would be Brads and eyelets.

My company would be Stampin' Up

and time management? dont have it lol. I try to get all the house work and at least one baby in bed for a nap before stamping :)

Sugar Cards (Candi V) said...

My most cherished tool, I think is my cuttlebug. I just got it in April but it is so handy to make a quick card. Also I have been able to expand my diecuts/embossing with other brands.
I mostly use Stampin Up stamps, though I am not a demo. Time Management. hmm, not sure I have some for you. When I make more than one of something (like a swap) I make every piece then I assembly line put them together.

maiahs_momma said...

I would have to say that my favorite tool is my Fiskars paper rotary cutter that has different blades with it :)! Great candy and great site :D!

Mara G said...

1. what is your most cherished stamping/scrapping embellishment or tool?
I would say my rhinestones. Gotta have the bling.

doverdi said...

1. what is your most cherished stamping/scrapping embellishment or tool?
My most cherished tool is my ATG tape gun. I use it on everything and the adhesive is wonderful! I no longer have problems with my cards, etc not sticking. This is a must have tool!

2. what brand(s) do you use the most and why?
Since I am fairly new to stamping, I have yet collected a lot of stamps by one company. The stamp/brand I use just depends on the card or person that I'm making it for.

3. what is your best time management advice? My best time management advice would have to be to make more than one of the same card at a time.

Sharon in NE said...

my time management theory:
-exercise to give you more energy.
-don't waste much time in the kitchen; food is a fuel.
-don't knock yourself out because your house isn't the cleanest and
-have fun with your kids....they grow up so fast...sniff sniff.

Ruth said...

I just started scrapping so I can't say I have a fave tool or brand. Time management advice... you never know what will happen tomorrow. Remembering that helps me prioritize what I do today.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 1K!

To answer question #3...

I have no answer for #3...

I desparately need help with time management.

As one of the other posters said, I spend entirely too much time on SCS, looking for inspiration. Even when I find one I like, I keep on looking...just in case :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite tools are my diecuts, as they can be used quickly and always look perfect. I buy what I like or need at the time & don't stick with any particular brand. My biggest time saver is keeping a neat work area so I'm not constantly looking for something that I've misplaced.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 1K!!!!
And thanks for offering such neat candy :)

My most cherished tool is my Crop-a-dile. I had completely given up on eyelets. They always smushed right through the paper. I never could get them set right.

Allison Rankin said...

1. What is your most cherished stamping/scrapping embellishment or tool?

Ribbon...whatever comes on sale from week to week. The clearance bin at Michael's, the jam jar ribbon at Michael's, American Crafts (with a coupon), etc.

2. What brand(s) do you use the most and why?

SU...stamps, paper, inks and tools. I love the Papertrey Ink and Hero Arts too though!

3. What is your best time management advice?

Oh gosh, I wish. I tend to spread myself over various projects, housework at the same time. I wish I just focused on one thing at a time but my kids won't let me!

Anonymous said...

It's almost Friday!

The brand I use the most is Stampin' Up, because I have more of them than any other. I belong to a SU stamp club, so that encourages me to keep buying from them.

Heather Leech said...

What a fabulous bunch of goodies you're giving away!
My most cherished tool is my ATG double sided tape gun. It is so great to finally have adhesive that sticks, is economical and easy to use. Love it!!
My favorite brand of course is SU! (it's hard to say anything else as I'm a demo!) I do however, really like my Bellas, Papertrey and My Favorite Things stamps.
I can't give any advice on time management as I stink at managing my own time let alone giving advice to someone else!
Thanks for a chance at some great stuff!!
Heather L.

Anonymous said...

I like my Sizzix sidekick because it's so easy to use that my daughter can even work it. I don't have a favorite brand because I buy what ever I like or need at the time. My time management tip is to multi-task. I get lots of crafting done while watching TV or waiting for my dinner to get done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith!
Happy Friday!!

I finally came up with a time management tip:

set a timer.

When I sit down to read blogs, it can be an hour or so before I even look up. I completely lose track of time. Setting a timer jars me back to reality :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my new Primas from Eclectic Paperie and the Divine Swirl folder for my Cuttlebug.

Stampin' Up because everything coordinates...big fan of easy!

I make a to-do list every morning for the day. If I'm lucky I can cross something off from the day before.

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