Saturday, December 22, 2007

So Many Gifts!

My very good friend and neighbor is having a boy in early April. Her daughter and mine are 6 months apart and the best of friends. Our families have become very close and it's a pleasure and joy to know them. I've made her this baby journal - keeping somewhat 'boyish' tones while making it beautiful and a tiny bit frilly at the same time. I also tried to incorporate a vintage feel with the background paper (under the flower lace paper) and the vintage looking teddy bear die cut.

I've tabbed sections of the notebook so that she can make lists of things she needs before the baby arrives, keep track of sleep and eat habits once he is here, etc.

It's a little bigger than 5x7 but I think it's portable enough to fit into a diaper bag. I'm going to make a matching pen to accompany it.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading you very clever blog since I caught onto it from Melissa the Mouths blog.
You have me anxious to dust of my stamping stuff. I am a little clueless on the journal though. Did you use a blank journal and then build on that?

CraftyMomOf3 said...

Hey Tam!!

Yes they are blank. I buy journals at places like AC Moore or Michaels or Jo-Ann's. It doesn't matter what they look like because you're just going to cover them with paper anyways. I do try to sort of match the papers that I choose to the journal because sometimes (like this one) the pages inside are meant to coordinate with the cover.

So I try to keep with a general theme but overall the ribbon edging that I put on the spirals covers mostly any part of the journal that you can still see.

Let me know if you have any more questions!! I'd be happy to help!