Monday, December 24, 2007

You Know I Love These Journals...right?

I just find that the wilder the notebook is...the more fabulous it is!! I've started experimenting with lots of layers and coordinating but not so coordinating colors. It's the trend right now in fashion. You look like you kinda sorta match but you don't but do!! ;) Those of you who are trendy and love fashion like I do will get it.

I picked up this little sort of half notebook at the register area at ACM for .79 cents. And it was .79 cents for a GOOD reason. was so ugly that they should have been paying me .79 cents to take it away. The image on the front was so bad and cheezy that I can't even talk about it!! ;) But luckily I rescued it from a life of ugliness and renovated it into a thing of beauty!!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful and creative matter what holiday you celebrate!!