Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thankful...Part II

15. I'm thankful for A/C. No, not air conditioning. Our friends Ali and Craig. We've all been through a lot together. They come for dinner weekly. So regularly we just say "see you thursday!!". It's great and I love them both madly and dearly. They're my first go to when anything happens...I conferenced them both in (while they were at work) when I found out I was pregnant with my son. My husband and I were in their wedding. They were one of the firsts at the hospital after my children were's kind of unspoken but we are family. And for them, I am thankful.

16. I'm thankful for these. One of my Mommy friends gave them to me for my birthday last May and I have not removed them from my feet!! Yes, I have fallen asleep with them on, I have gone out in the snow with them, I have run in them, I have swam in them, I can't wait to get another pair!!!

17. I'm thankful that I don't need as much sleep at I once did. I get SO much more done now!!

18. I am thankful for lollypops. I love them...but more importantly my kids love them!! They are a wonderful multipurpose treat that is small enough that I don't feel *too* guilty giving them to my kids when need be. While shopping, while having a long car ride or to soothe a bump or bruise. These little sugary delights are wonderful.

19. I am thankful for winter. I know, I know. It's a giant pain in the ass most of the time but it makes me feel warm and cozy. I love hunkering down during a snowstorm or bad weather giving me an excuse to snuggle under a fuzzy blanket with my family.

20. I am thankful that my family is gathering and coming together this coming weekend. I am excited to see everyone and have everyone spend time with the children. My 2 are the only kids on my husband's side of the family so I'm glad that everyone can enjoy their company.

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nita said...

i enjoy your kids and i hate kids.