Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pity Party!

I know...I miss me too...we're sick...still. I can't believe that it's been about 6ish weeks since we've all been healthy. It's killin' me. Seriously. The Coxsackie February??? C'mon now!!! I spray and scrub and coat my kids in Purell wherever we go but we still managed to pick this up somehow. So we're running on no kids are in pain...I'm in poor husband is chugging Airborne every 3 hours or so to hopefully keep this virus at bay!! He's the last gasp of healthiness around here.

My poor studio is just collecting dust. I'm working on orders for which I have deadlines for within the next 2 weeks but other than that I'm down and out for the count...for now anyways.

I really just feel like sitting down and having a good cry...



alison said...

i think you should buy a lottery ticket. i mean, seriously, with all the pain and suffering recently there has GOT to be something good in store for you very soon!!!! and boo hoo i miss you too. i miss being able to run over for lunch and play time on thursdays and random quick visits on the way home from work. waah. hang in there my love. it has to get better soon. my crystal ball says the rest of 2008 is going to be smashing and fabulous!

Unknown said...

Oh sweets, I still can't believe you've picked this up too. Having sick kids is rotten, being sick is terrible, being sick with sick kids too is just god rotwen f'ing horrible. I'm so sorry. Here's a big virtual hug from me. What's the expected duration of this. Since adults rarely catch this (sorry!) I'm hoping that he's going to be spared. One can only hope that you've had your fair share this winter and will be healthy till spring? PLEASE?? Oh man. I love you girl. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger non?

expatmom (Colleen H.) said...

Oh, that stinks! If it is any consolation, we are all sick over here too. Noah had a 'throw up bug' on the weekend, and now three of us have brutal head colds. :( Hope u r well soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! Please, don't let our project kick your bottom! Put it on the backburner until you are well. Take care of yourself!

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