Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm Here...I Swear!!

Goodness...It's been a hard winter. And I know, I hoo me. But hey..c'mon. It's my oldest child's first year in preschool and we're just being inundated with illnesses. I won't bore you with the details but now my darling husband and daughter both have raging head colds. Nothing *too* serious but very annoying. *sigh*

Will we ever be healthy?

I do have something fun and beautiful to post but I want to make sure that my creation is seen by my customer first! They're on their way to her now. So once I know she's seen them, then I'll post.

Aside from that I'm cleaning my studio - dusting everything off and hoping to get working again tonight...or at least make it clean enough to start working tomorrow.

But in our hunker down state I have been VERY busy keeping my kids crafting. They LOVE painting, using glitter, markers, etc.

So - I do have these to share:

I hope that everyone is having a more creative winter than I am!!!


Soon enough...soon enough (that's my mantra these days...)


alison said...

oh my god so cute. i love those little munchkins sooo much!


auntie ali :)

ps: thank you for listening to me and my pity party earlier! xoxo said...

What lucky kids (and cute!) to have such a creative mom who let's them do such fun and creative play!

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