Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Love

I recently, with the help of Facebook, have reconnected with some MUCH MISSED high school friends. We have had a couple of gatherings that have lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. It's amazing to see where we're all at, what's going on in our lives and to re-establish those friendships now on an adult level. My darling friend Suzie has a GORGEOUS new baby. He's delicious from head to toe!!! Last Saturday night we all went to Suzie's house to hang out and as a gift I made this tri-picture frame. I at the last minute, while cleaning the glass to cover the pictures, cracked it right in my hands so it ended up being a more 3-D project than I had anticipated but I think it's super cute regardless!! Most of the product used is from SU!

I picked up the frame somewhere along my travels and just attacked it with my sanding block to give it that more antiqued/distressed look.

I had so much fun adding layer upon layer of detail. It also helps to have such a delicious subject to work with!!

Once again we had a fantastic time hanging out and I did not end up getting home until 330 in the morning!!! Needless to say...Sunday was a little rough but worth it!!

Happy Wednesday!!!