Monday, February 1, 2010

Summer Buns - A Great Way To Start a Monday!!

A great card for all the guys out there!!! This template simply makes me giggle! =) It can either be the TOP or the BOTTOM. If you cut out the middle - essentially where I've added the "thong" panty, you can cut that part out and make either a cutie brassiere OR a bikini top!!

It's super easy and such a sexy card for the special someone in your life OR it could be done up for a bachelorette party, lingere bridal shower, etc!!

I've added the template in this post. Simply right click on it and SAVE AS to your computer. You'll need to open it in some kind of editing program in order to resize it.

Many thanks to Jean for the fun template!! The stamps are from the ever fabulous BOMBSHELL stamp company!!!

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Unknown said...

That is the most YOU card ever! So funny. A great naughty valentine!

Linapyssel said...

Hihihih This is just smashing...think my husband will be happy to get a Valentinecard like this!!!
Hugs Lina