Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Hi Everyone!! I'm here tonight to do a quick post to wish my Dad a VERY Happy Birthday!!! I haven't given him his gift with this card yet so I'm not emailing him this post until I do!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! :) The above picture has ALWAYS been a huge favorite of mine. My Dad just looks so happy. He's got a bit of that "holy sh*t I'm a DAD!!" look about him...but they ALL do for the first year or two as the reality sets in!!

I've figured out that judging my enormous, chunka baby size that it's the summer after my 1st I'm somewhere in the range of 12-14 mos.

There are a few things that I must point out as why I love this photo SO much!!

  • the wide open balcony railings off of the standard brick high-rise apartment building...
  • the old school umbrella stroller in the background...
  • my dad's honkin' huge College or Law school ring...I'll have to ask him when I see him which is was...I'll keep you all posted... ;)
  • the fact that my Dad is wearing frayed, denim, cut-off shorts...otherwise known as "jorts" (jean short) - Oh Dad.... (hehe)
  • i totally LOVE my Dad's hair - it's very "Ponch-esque" (I know you all watched "C.H.I.P.S!" This is exactly how my son's hair gets about 2 weeks after his haircut and that is where it is PERFECT!
  • i believe my Dad is wearing his Mezuzah was always one of my favorites...
  • and i LOVE my Dad's ' simply rocks. He had it all my life until RIGHT before my wedding he had some crazy notion to cut it off! No warning from when I saw him without it for the first time, I started to cry...completely spontaneously...I didn't even feel it coming on!! Me thinks that Dad was having a bit of an adjustment to me getting married!! =) In any event...he looked so handsome that day and now has it back and it's still just as cool!
So those are my favorite things that I think about when I look at this photo. Most of who read have already seen this card here.

If not you can go there and ready about how I made it, if you'd like.

I hope you have a great year Dad!!


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Joseph said...

Love it Meri! Awesome card and I agree your dad looks so happy in that picture. His hair was very "Ponchesque" and you were a very cute baby.

- Joe B.