Monday, February 9, 2015

So Much Snow...

Yes friends, you've seen it on the news, it's real and it's simply INSANE!!  I am SO glad that I live in the suburbs and not IN the city of Boston.  Because it is truly a nightmare right now.  I just heard on the news that tomorrow (Tuesday) the city is literally shutting down all public transportation.  Um?  You can't drive in the city and now there's no public transportation?!!  Yikes.  What a disaster.

Thankfully, we are cozy and snuggled down and we've moved from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greece!  Go ahead, call me crazy but I do not give the kids "snow days".  They're so sick of the snow anyways why bother!?  There's too much to even go out and enjoy!!  So we hunkered down today and started learning about Greece.  The kids worked really hard on some AMAZING lap books.  If you're not familiar with a lapbook it's one or more than one manila file folder that's transformed into a "binder" of sorts to house multiple mini-books on a variety of topics on a particular subject.  It can also be used when reading a chapter book and each chapter can have it's own mini-book.  Each mini-book will have information in it or the child can write information in it.  Today we did a one folder lap book on Ancient Greece.  The children cut out and figure out according to the directions how to set up their book.  After the lap books were arranged and set up we did the accompanied reading to fill in all of the mini books with their corresponding information.  The kids LOVED this entire exercise which literally took all morning.  It's a super fun and creative way to learn.
We also made a flip book about some more basic points and concepts about Greece. 
We did some GREAT reading today!!  Although, it was definitely hard to dial the kids back from hysterical giggles when they found out that men competed in the Olympics naked!!  The giggles set in for QUITE a while after that!  lol!!
Onto Book #7!!  
They spent the early morning playing checkers - love....
Here are just a few snapshots from the last week or so...

A preview of Ancient Greece!
Finishing up Book #6
Ty's parent special night consisted of building this awesome model with Daddy!!
All natural, organic, scrumptious HABA (health and beauty aids) products - and the most important?!  Completely non-toxic!!  Just amazing stuff...
cute and totally knows it!
yummy gf cupcakes for my brother and father's birthday celebrations
silly =)
even sillier!!
trying to get out and enjoy!!!
squirt bottles full of food coloring tinted water 
for this!!

I hear there's MORE snow coming in 2 days - potentially another blizzard!!  Wish us luck!!!


Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Looks like all that snow is good for something!! Must be quite an experience! Read about it in the paper today....I love snow - and we got a little today, but can't compete with Boston....
Thanks for joining my blog - I have a little greeting for you - hop on over, if you have time.... Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Unknown said...

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