Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

We love art in our house.  Painting, coloring, drawing, mixed media, 3-D, collage, stamping, sewing, photography, you name it...we love it.  Today we tried something new thanks to my wonderful MIL.

Grandma Sue is a lover of Andy Goldsworthy's art.  She recently loaned Tyler a book of his and he LOVES looking through it.  We're all amazed as his sculptures and went outside today to try our hand at it!

The first piece of the project was to gather like objects.  I told them it could be anything in nature.  Rocks, leaves, flower petals, stones, sticks, grass, anything!  They went to forage.  Kendall decided upon acorns, Tyler rocks and I used Dandelions.  I know most people don't like them because they are weeds but I LOVE them.  In all honesty, Kendall did the foraging for me and found a huge bunch of them for me as I was with Ari.  We don't have any dandelions at our house so she rode her bike up the street a bit to where we'd seen some on our walk earlier today.  She has a fantastic bike basket so she loaded it up with Dandelions just for me!

Once they had their materials they worked quietly and meticulously until they were happy with their placement.  I love watching their process.  They were very happy with their creations!

Kendall's process:

Tyler's process:

My Dandelion creation:
And a little bit of cuteness!

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Bunny said...

Lovely creativity.