Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Religious Thank You

Our fabulous pre-school teacher, Miss Melanie, asked me to make up some thank you notes with a cross on them for her to send out. I believe she teaches CCD so she needed some TY notes to send for gifts she's received for end of the year. I have to say that being a 'nice Jewish girl' made this a definite challenge for me as I wanted them to be both beautiful and appropriate. This is my first project using any kind of religious symbol so I wanted to make sure I got it right!!

I chose to use the Gina K set "He Is Risen". Miss Melanie is always wearing earth tones so I started with that as my general theme. I have this awesome DP from Frances Meyer that when cut it is a bit different on each card...which I love because it's not the exact same every time. I paired the DP with the following SU! colors: chocolate chip, so saffron, close to cocoa and more mustard. I grabbed my 1/4 " more mustard grosgrain ribbon from SU! as an extra embellishment on the top tied around the cocoa and DP layers. I stamped the cross in Versamark and clear heat embossed it to make it stand out. I attached it to a piece of Cosmo Cricket (love notes line) designer paper with pop-dots. I stamped the 'thank you' sentiment on the front so Miss Melanie would have more room inside to write.

I delivered these this morning and they were well received!!

I hope that everyone is having a very creative Tuesday!

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