Friday, December 18, 2009

The Twelve Days All Come Together

Garland Style!!!

Remember....ALL of these tags were made with ONLY QKD stamps!!! Look at all of the variation and versatility that they have!!!

I was so inspired by the tags that I had done that I couldn't just put them away!!! So I tied them each onto a long piece of twine and had my hubby help me hang them in my living room!!! It's in the room where we spend the most time!
It's SO fun to have up and be able to look at all the time!! I think (unless I do a new one each year....) that this may become a staple in our holiday decorating!!!!

I hope everyone's having fun decorating your houses this season!!!

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1 comment:

Michelle B said...

Meredith, I LOVE this...It's super cute. Great job!

Michelle B.