Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tempting Lorali Thursday Featuring Victoria!

Greetings and Happy Thursday!!!

I've gotta tell y'all...I was in a SASSY mood today!! I was feeling punky, edgy and slightly "off" but in a good way!!

So - I busted out a creation that's a bit dark-ish, messy-ish...but it contains the vibe that I need right now!!
I altered an OLDDDDDDDDDDDDD Italian wooden box that my DH's step-grandmother got in Italy literally 1,000 years ago! HA! It's made out of very light wood and is not very sturdy. So I know it's not worth much but it means a TON to me. I wanted something cool and edgy to put my daily jewelry in on my NEW VANITY in my newly remodeled bathroom.

Victoria has always been my favorite. It's her punky attitude and fantabulous way that makes me love her so much!! ;)
So I stamped her in Maroon craft ink and heat set her....twice. I really wanted her to look shabby...roughed I then sanded her...a lot. And stamped and heat set AGAIN!

I then colored her with my Copics.

I added a velvet "m" and a "." standing for Meredith(period.) LOL! I warned you I was feeling sassy!
But seriously...these stamps are not simply for paper!! Alter anything!!! They are sooooooo gorgeous!!

Thanks for popping by today!! I'm off to find JUST the right space for my Victoria Treasure Box in my new bathroom!!!

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Unknown said...

So fun! and so YOU! Will be perfect in your new room!