Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Robyn's Fetish Wacky Wednesday Freebie!!

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to another fun Wacky Wednesday over at Robyn's Fetish!!!

Today we are featuring Melinda The House Mouse with her beautiful flowers!! I have done a VERY simple arrangement here today. My daughter was coloring this image earlier (as her little brother hung over her shoulder) and he kept wanting it and wanting to see what she was doing but didn't feel like coloring at the time.

So...with his birthday coming up this weekend, I made a very simple "boyish" postcard for him with the image that he was googling over so much today!!

I colored the image in digitally using MS Paint. (one of the awesome advantages of digi images!) I then printed her out. I trimmed it leaving a white border like and old photo would have. (I love that look!) I used a blue strip of cardstock on the left hand side of my black background that matched very closely to the blue pot that the flowers are in. I adhered Melinda to the center.

My son and I always do the sign language symbol for I Love You to each other. It's something he started about 6 months ago and we do it all the time now. It melts my heart every single time he throws that sign out to me.'s silent and sometimes he says it as he does it. Sigh...he's so ridiculously cute. Anyway - I thought it all too appropriate that I have it in a rubber stamp version!!So that is my sentiment to him on his birthday postcard. I used my circle punch (1 1/2") to cut it out and the next size (1 3/4") in the same blue as the corresponding strip.

Lastly, I punched 2 small holes, threaded square letter beads spelling his nickname and tied them on with linen twine from The Paper Source.

I can't wait to give this to him on his birthday!!! Here's a couple of pics of my cutie patootie!!!All smiles!!! And SO psyched for his AIRBRUSHED tattoo!!!

I hope you've enjoyed my creation!!

Now off you go to the Challenge Blog to grab your freebie!!


Alicia said...

Love your card Meredith! Perfect for your son. :)


Michelle B said...

Very cute card Meredith! Awesome color job from your program...your son will LOVE this card!

Michelle B.

stuffie said...

super cool tatoo, dude!!! lol
and I NEVER thought to color these in MS paint! I will have to try that some time!!

Mia said...

Awesome job! Your son is so cute & he will love it!