Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ommmmmmmmm.....and Namaste...

(thanks so much to for the above free photo which I turned into my PC logo!)

My darling husband left today on his first business trip in a LONG time.  He used to travel every week for up to 4 days a week.  But that was longggggggg ago. 

We're both very much into Yoga and being as Zen as possible within our souls.  I wanted him to know how much I was thinking of him while he was away so I made him a care package!  It has a card (obviously), a picture of our children, a yummy treat called "White Trash" from our local AMAZING bakery (it's white chocolate mixed with M&M's, pretzel bits, peanuts, cheerios, tiny chocolate chips and well the kitchen sink...all broken up into awesome bite sized pieces!!! YUM!!!), another bag of treat like goodies for late night cravings, and a travel yoga book that I made for him.  I know that he needs the stress relief, as we all do, but it's so hard to motivate while in a hotel room.  So I pulled some stock photos from the web of our favorite poses, printed them out and made a flip book for him!!  Nothing frilly.  I wanted simple, basic and calming.  I think I achieved this but please let me know what you all think!!

I took a piece of 12x12 cardboard off of the back of one of my stacks and cut it into 4x4 squares.  I then went through one of my many scrap boxes and pulled out a mix and match of fun and calming pieces to cover both front and back of my pages.  

I then adhered my Yoga pose images along with rub on embellishments on the pages.  My next step was to add inspiring words which I did using a mix and match of rub ons and stickers.  

I used my Crop-O-Dile Big Bite to chomp through the pages and I added a 3 ring to keep them together.  

As a last touch, I coated the edges in Brilliance Pearlescent Gold ink to make it all a bit softer and calm  looking.

I snuck the entire package in his bag this am at 4 before he left!!  I'm so excited for him to find it!!

I hope you've enjoyed and been inspired!!

Crafty Hugs and Namaste!!