Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturated Canary coloring contest fun!!


To those of you who don't know us we are a busy family of 5 living in a suburb outside of Boston, MA.  I homeschool our two oldest children - Kendall age 10 and Tyler age 9.  We also have Ari who just turned 2!

I've been crafting FOREVER and the crafty force is strong in all 3 of our children.  I've been a big Saturated Canary fan for a few years now.  My kids have always LOVED coloring Krista's images.  I find an incredible amount of inspiration in Krista's images, blog, homeschooling life, and her overall vibe.  She's a lovely and generous person.   

Naturally, Kendall and Tyler got very excited when they heard that Krista at SC was having a coloring contest! (yes, they each have the 150 set of Prismacolor may seem overkill for children but if you knew how much they colored you'd know that it was a worthy gift for both of them!!)  
Kendall planning her approach...
Heads down focused!
Krista Canary offered two different images to color - this and this.  I gave the children a choice and they both chose the same image.  I love them both but am partial to the 'beach ink' image myself.  I'm hoping to have time to color her but am not sure I can squeeze it in with my lengthy "to-do" list.  

There have been many AMAZING entries by adults in the contest - and they are all really amazingly beautiful.  I explained that the contest is mainly for adult crafters but I encouraged them to join in if they wanted to!  They were VERY excited to do so and were adorable when they were coloring pretending they were fashion designers.  
Tyler dives right in knowing exactly what he wants to do...he's asked me many times about designing clothing when he's!!
They both took this very seriously, knowing that Krista puts a lot of time into drawing her images, and other participants put a lot of time into their creations as well!  They are so cute they keep asking me when the contest is over and do I think they'll win.  

I said that they should be very proud of their entries and that it's obvious that they put a lot of thought, care and interest into their work and that's all that matters.  

We are entering each of their colored images.  
Kendall's entry
Tyler's entry
They both worked with my paper blending sticks and my Sansodor (similar to Gamsol) for blending.  I LOVED watching them hard at work, encouraging and helping each other.

Thanks for popping by!!

Crafty Hugs!


Bunny said...

What a great job they both did. I don't know who came up with the idea to have her in the water but it looks so good. Thanks for encouraging young minds to create and explore with different colors and textures and techniques. What fun it is for you and them.

Jenn Beautiful said...

How cute!!! They both did such a great job!!! I'm so jealous of their colored pencil sets too. I believe you're giving them both such an amazing gift by exposing and ENCOURAGING them to be creative. My mom tried introducing my brother and I to many different art mediums. Those are some of my most favorite memories of us. ♡♡♡ Kendall and Tyler, you both did magnificent!!!

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