Friday, March 6, 2015

What's Happening In These Parts...

Hi All!!

We've been busy, busy around here!!  We've been on the go a lot lately with classes, playdates, appointments and errands.  This kind of 'on the go' stuff helps me move out of the "box" that I sometimes get stuck in surrounding school.  I still feel the nag that if we don't get many hours of "school" done in a day then we haven't done enough.  But busy days/weeks remind me that we're learning on the go in the form of classes at the library and with our homeschool "co-op".  It meets weekly for classes, crafts and socializing.  We also do a lot at our local library as they offer monthly art history, STEM club and Lego Club.  It's all learning.  We're STILL in Ancient Greece as the kids are loving it and I feel as though we've not covered everything I wanted to yet.  The kids have created AMAZING triple lapbooks that we've just finished.  They are really outstanding.  Today we had our spelling test and sat snuggled on the couch for a couple of hours reviewing and summarizing all that we studied and learned about Ancient Greece.

We're chugging along with our math and I've implemented a "pick your own math" rule a couple of days during the week where the children can decide to do online math, worksheets, learning palette or on-board math.  I think they like having the choice which gives them some control over what they're doing.  I'm very slowly trying to move them toward a bit of independence in their learning process which is hard for all of us to learn.

Next week we have Ari's birthday in the middle of the week and on Friday we have both Ty and Ari's annual well visits and THEN we're going into the city for the Flower and Garden show!  Kendall's favorite author, Tracy Kane, is giving a lecture and we cannot wait to go and listen!  We're all so excited.

This weekend is Ty's 9th birthday.  How, HOW is he 9!?!?  Oh my heart...I cherish because I'm going to blink and he's going to be 19!!  It's a double party weekend plus sleepover so we're all going to be thoroughly happy, exhausted and worn out.  So in terms of school next week we're going to chill out and bring it back to the basics before we head off to Ancient Rome the week following.

That's pretty much what's going on around these parts...I'll leave you with a slew of photos!!

This is what the end of a very productive day looks like!
a surprise visit at the library from Daddy!!  The kids were in Lego Club at the library.  Our library just got a tablet for public use...Ari was in heaven!!
Mommy always LOVES an impromptu dinner out!!!  (means I don't have to cook and clean!!)
a re-check at the allergist told us that Ty no longer needs to use his daily inhaler!!!!  this is MAJOR for us as he's used one for YEARS!!!
a visit to Treat was clearly in order after the doctor visit!
Ari got to spend the day with Daddy!
As his birthday gift Tyler wanted clothing for his very favorite and well loved teddy bear, Timmy.  So - off to Build A Bear we went!
Since we NEVER go to the mall, we hit Justice for Miss Kendall...she found an outfit for my brother and his fiancee's wedding shower!
water play!
Oh how I've missed this view!  I was thrilled to be able to get out for a run last weekend!
sensory play time!  (weekend)
playing with slime never gets old
She's been asking over and over for the 150 set of Prismacolor pencils - I have a set that Ian got me for Valentine's Day last year that I've not had time to use. you go Kendall =)  She was thrilled...
they wanted to see how long it would take before the water drops would either absorb or fall off
self driven science
typical day!
was an amazing series and I'm sad that we've finished it!
what group reading usually looks like for us
self driven science!
the kids were loving playing with water, oil and food coloring
Ty's pottery class has started up again!  Such a cute gnome!
early morning dance party!
we practice the stairs...a LOT!
was totally grossed out at the thought of doing this but was fascinated by it when it was done!
dance class for Ari while the kids are in science class! 
owl pellet dissection time!
Sometimes when the pre-teen angst arises, I let her pick an activity of her choice to help break her out of her funk.  Yesterday she chose to work on a sticker book.  My condition was that for each page she completed, she had to choose a sentence from the page and write it in cursive to practice her handwriting.
Ty and Ari - too cute 
helping me check out books for our next unit study
Playing Daniel Tiger on the iPad - don't judge me!  ;)  
we ended Ancient Greece with Alexander the Great

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