Monday, April 9, 2007

Confessions Of A Ribbon Addict...

Hi. I'm Meredith. And I'm a ribbon addict. (I'm waiting for the collective..."Hi, Meredith")

I know I'm not alone...I know there are MANY of you out there just like me. I went to Michael's today and hit the $1 bins. And just when I thought that I'd destroyed the selection of ribbon there...I turned the corner and there was MORE ribbon...all for $1. And I didn't even hit the ribbon aisle!! Yes...they have an entire aisle dedicated to ribbon. It's the best selection of ribbon that I've found in the big, box stores. I have an A.C. Moore and a couple of Joann's Fabrics near me so I forget about the Michael's that's not too far away.

Boy do I love that May is coming up as it brings my birthday! I know where I'm going shopping with any birthday money!!!

It's a good thing that I bring my children with me because then I can't spend too much time parusing the ribbons, stamps, and scrapbooking supplies. My kids are great in stores, but my oldest says "Let's keep moving Mummy!!" because that's always what I say to her when she lollygags in the aisles. My youngest is content to sit in the seat in the cart as long as he's got a snack or small toy. He's just so delicious and good! Like me, my oldest loves to browse and go up and down every aisle. Her favorites are smelling candles, running her hand along the walls of hanging beads, playing with the yarn balls, and looking at all of the stickers.

So my habit is NOT the only reason that we hit the craft stores SO often. ;)

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