Monday, July 2, 2007

Family Photo

I don't have any creativity to post but I DO have a nice family photo!! It's of my DH (green shirt) and I (black shirt), and our 2 delicious children, my SIL and her DH, and my MIL and FIL. We try to take a family photo once a year when we're all vacationing together.

I do have one where my son is not being crabby...but I chose to post this one because it cracks me up. He's 99.9% of the time smiling and cherub like...that is until we try (once a year mind you) to take a famiy picture. HAHAHHAAH...he cracks me up.


Alison said...

love the family photo
i'm totally getting hooked on reading your blog .. and now i've been reading nita's too. you guys crack me up

i love you sweetie. hang in their during the tough times with k's sleeping.


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