Monday, July 2, 2007


I've lost my creative mojo...has anyone seen it?

My daughter is almost 3 ( October) and all of a sudden I'm having some major sleep issues with her. I have to say, they are getting DRASTICALLY better but without going into the whole thing I'll just say that she's slept solidly since she was about 4 months old. Down to bed by 630/7, sleeps through the night and wakes somewhere around 630/7ish. Oh and she naps for about 1.5 hours in the middle of the day. Solidly for almost 2.5 years now! And all of a sudden, starting about a week ago, she refuses to let me leave the room when it's time for bed or nap.

So we've got it under control but now we sit on a stool outside her room until she falls asleep. The amount of time that it takes her to fall asleep has gone down and there's no more hysteria. So we're sticking with this plan until whatever is going on with her is remedied. the meantime...I've been so upside down and upset about the whole thing (trying to understand what's happened is REALLY what's getting me) that it's zapped any energy that I have.

Oh and we also went on vacation to VT for a few days so that ate up a lot of creative time. So..I went down to my studio last night to clean it up, re-organize, and get set up for the creativity to start flowing tonight!

Wish me luck!!

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