Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just a quick thought for those of you with kids!

My daughter LOVES to paint. So I stock up constantly on watercolor paints. I always grab whatever Crayola sets are available...that is, however, until I found these:

You all may already know about these so if you do...don't burst my bubble, ok? Let me think that I've discovered something that no one else has! ;)
They are self contained paints that come with a little plastic top that I just throw away. I got them at ACM but I'm sure you could find them at any craft/art store. They are stashed on the other side of the store from the kids stuff snuggled in nicely with the adhesives, tapes, some other misc paints and other random items. The best part is that they're only $1.99!! I don't find Crayola to be overpriced but you still can't beat $1.99!! I don't even think the single Crayola box goes for less than that.
What I like most about these ones is that there are little raised dots in between each paint color where the brush can rest, a well in the middle for a splishy splash of water (because my 2 year old does not need a gigantic cup of water to paint with) she just needs a dab, AND the 'palette' can be used after the paints are gone to fill up with other stuff...more paint, beads, embellishments...whatever! =)
So I just wanted to share!
I hope that everyone is having a creative day!

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