Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blog help?

so I'm not so computer savvy...but I'm not, not computer savvy. i can get my way around and figure stuff out. i can even (when absolutely necessary) write a *little* html.

but for the life of me i cannot figure out why...when i upload a picture here to Blogger sometimes when i click on the photo it opens up and enlarges...and other times i click on it and nothing happens...

anyone? anyone?

it's not a big deal...just one of those annoying inconsistencies...but if anyone can clue me in...I'd be forever grateful!



Jan Scholl said...

I have no idea but I cant figure out how to make a side bar as it keeps putting it on the bottom-so we both are having a problem today.

nita said...

set up an account at photobucket for this stuff. it's great and easy. you can resize your giant photos so they are clickable and, when clicked, don't have 8 mile scroll bars!


photobucket.com. wicked easy!