Monday, October 29, 2007

Flying Along!

So...for those of you who are following along, here is the next round of pages (in no particular order) of the BIG album. I had to come to the realization that I am going to have to have two volumes. I, in fact, started the second volume tonight. Vol. I holds 40 pages and will burst at the binding if I ask any more of it. I am LOVING this project. It is going faster than I anticipated.

My first few pages were started exactly one week ago tonight and I'm already done with 44 pages total. WHEW!! But that's me...once I get started on something I am like a train at full steam ahead until it is done. I've been doing roughly 6-8 pages each night. I've just completed 4 tonight and I'm done for the night.

I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine and dinner with my darling husband. But before I do I just have to say that this project has not only been fun and very interesting. But tonight I realized that I feel more connected to our (my husband's) family by doing this project. We've been together a LONG time (16+ years to be exact) so I've been around for a lot.

There have been a lot of stories, parties, laughter and tears. (mostly the first 3 thankfully!!) But there are still lots of memories that I wasn't around for and have heard so much about through the years. This album has helped me learn more about those stories. But I have also learned so much more about his fabulous Grandmother, his wonderful Mother and Father - who have always treated me like their own, his Aunts and Uncle - who have always included me, laughed with me and shared their stories. And to my Sister-In-Law who helped me put everything in chronological order last weekend - I thank you. I thank you for being my sister and for ALWAYS laughing with me.


nita said...

wowza woman! i especially love the second picture .. is that your first communion?


Anonymous said...

Wow, this has really come together. I am so impressed at your dedication. And what a wonderful keepsake for the family to have. Lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

Great Work Meredith - The color scheme was a good doesn't compete too much with all of the eclectic asstmt of photos you're working with. Good Luck getting it done! ciao Michelle Amati

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