Monday, October 22, 2007

Wish Me Luck!!

My fabulous husband's Grandmother's 95th birthday is coming up next month. There is going to be a wonderful party thrown in her honor at her home in Baltimore that we're all going to. My father-in-law has been very hard at work on a wonderful slide show of her entire life and I've been asked to create an album of the photos in the slide show. I am VERY honored to be able to do this for her.

I've been sent money from various sources to fund this project and it's going well. However, when I first said yes I was under the impression that there would be somewhere around 50 photos. Which is totally doable by November. I now have approximately 170 photos in my possession. This woman has lead an amazing life. Full of adventure, family, education, fun, and laughter. And I have photos dating back to the 20's to prove it!!

I am not scrapbooking all 170 photos...but it's pretty close. I was originally going to go with a flowery vintage feel using greens, corals and taupes...but with the enormity of the project I opted for a less 'fussy' color scheme.

So I'm going with red, silver/gray, black and white. I'm keeping my embellishments simple and classic. I've decided that each page will have the same 'signature' touch using some designer paper and the SU! scallop punch, pierced on each petal with a corresponding DP center punched out using SU!'s 1 1/4" punch.

I've got a few pages done and photographed as well as the laughable stack of photos ;) But for me, getting the first few pages done is the hardest I'm in the groove!

I will have this done for the party on 11/17.


Unknown said...

This is coming out so nicely. I love your color palette and the designer papers are so classy Mer. Love them. Keep chipping away at that pile of photos, you'll get there. Funny because, I'm posting today about big projects and handing them one step at a time!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This looks like an amazing project. I'm squinting, trying to look at all of the gorgeous photos, hoping that when I'm 95, I will also have someone say much the same about me - that I also lived an amazing and adventurous life! Cheers to you for taking on such a huge project. An honor, I'm sure!