Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday My Darling Girl

So I cannot believe that my daughter is going to be 3. We're having her birthday party at home on Saturday! As horribly disfunctional as my my Mother was, she always managed to pull it together long enough to produce amazing parties for me at home. (as well as Halloween costumes) As I got older I'd have some friends go rollerskating, bowling or whatever but we always ended up back at my house for cake and ice cream. I'm trying to keep that 'at home' party tradition alive in my house. The only *extravagant* thing we're doing is renting a bouncy house...which is only $100 so I think it'll be well worth it!! I invited a few of her little friends and some of our friends and the 3 family members that my husband and I have in the area and that's it! A few snacks and some drink and we'll call it a party! lieu of traditional goodie bags I've decided to give each child a full size can of play-doh as well as 2 play-doh cutters. I was going to wrap the can in fun paper and then tie the cutters around with ribbon. However, the can is not uniform from top to bottom. It's 7.5 around the top and 7.25 around the bottom. Must be for shipping purposes or something but whatever it's for it is not helpful as far as wrapping in paper. The paper would just wrinkle up. So I scrapped that idea and went for a 'topper' instead. I have a circle punch that fit perfectly in the top of the can so I snagged some SU! jumbo eyelets from my friend and SU! demo Sarah. I used my Crop-O-Dile to set the eyelet and I just used whatever DP scraps I had lying around. I used the SU! Wasabi double stitched ribbon (it just ties SO well!) through the eyelet to tie on 2 cutters per can. I used my oval scallop punch with a little detail from my white gel pen to create the 'thank you' element on the front of the can. I used my large glue dots to adhere both the toppers and front piece.

I love how these came out!

Sorry that the photos are not touched up...I *still* don't have any photo editing software on my new computer yet.

Hope you're all having a creative day!

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Unknown said...

These are so cute! What a great use for paper scraps, and I love the tied on cutters on top. Hope you all had a wonderful time. Jumping in the bouncy house sounds WAY more fun than the birthday party we attended down the cape that same day - sit down lunch at a country club. Blah!