Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tiddly Tuesday!!! Challenge #39 - Teach Me! Shaker Card Tutorial

Hello Everyone!!  Happy Tuesday Y'all! 

"Soapbox Thought Of The Day" -  While sometimes I think we have way too much connectivity, too much technology, too many ways to be connected and worrying SO much about what other people are do versus being present, aware and letting yourself get blissfully lost in your own world rather than someone else's.  There ARE times, such as now, as I sit in the car with my family, kiddies resting, hubby and I listening to good music while heading for an hour plus ride to go visit my Grandmother for her 80th birthday that I love technology.  I have writing to do and lots more creating to do later.  I'd much rather dedicate my time to creating later and am using my time while locked in a vacancy now to catch up and get ahead of my blogging!!  Gotta love wireless technology.  And so far no motion sickness feeling...so that's an added plus. Climbing down now...
I loved this week's project.  It was the Valentine that I gave to my better half last Monday! 
Shaker cards used to scare the heck out of me.  I'd see them on blogs and think...wow...WOW.  How did they do that?  I finally busted out of my comfort zone enough to try!!

And here's the tutorial that I wrote:
Shaker Card Tutorial

I chose to use a 5.5 x 5.5 card. It's a 'go-to' size for me....I just love it!

I used my Basic Grey magnetic mat (I use it for every project I make!!).

I measured in 1" on each side making sure to use light pencil marks on the inside of the front of my card.  This way there are no pencil marks showing on the outside of your card.

You then need to connect the dots to make a square. I then used my craft knife to CAREFULLY follow my ruler to trim out the square.  This is the frame of your card.

 I then measured the acetate that you need as the "glass" in your frame. You don't need to be as precise with this as the inside cover is covered in the end.  You’ll see down below that I’ve demonstrated two different techniques when using acrylic.

For this example, I used traditional "red liner" tape to adhere the acetate to the inside of the frame.

I then brought out my stamps, ink, images and embellishments to decorate both inside and out.

You can use either foam squares as I did here, making absolutely sure that you place them directly next to each other so that the glitter doesn’t sneak out of the edges OR you can use 3-D foam runner tape (it comes on a spool...as opposed to 3-D squares or dots). 
I have done two different techniques.  My first technique is using a single piece of acrylic as shown here:
I adhered the top of my picture first to make sure that my alignment was correct. I then shook in about...a tablespoon or so of chunky, silver art glitter.

My second example uses an acrylic pre-folded card.  I stitched the edges together, dropped in a red cardstock heart that I stamped and heat embossed.  I sprinkled my glitter inside and taped up the top.  I adhered it in the same manner as the single acrylic sheet.  It lends itself to a bit more of a three dimensional look.
But either way you’ll have a fabulous shaker card in the end!   I then peeled the backing off of the other 3 sides of the 3-D tape and pressed my image firmly down. I shook any excess glitter off and.....

Voila!!  You have your shaker card!!

I hope you have enjoyed and been inspired to bust out of your creative snuggly crafty security blanket and try something new!!  I promise...it won't be as scary as you think!!  =)

Come on....we're right here!!  

Crafty Hugs!


Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Can I say just how much I LOVEEEEE this card. Beautiful and so creative. Perfection! :)

mforquer said...

Meredith - BEAUTIFUL shaker card...I love the colors and that gorgeous sparkle! Thanks for a fabulous tutorial too!

Loopylou. said...

oooh i love this card, it is just gorgeous and full of love! hugs Lou xx

DonnaMundinger said...

Fab tut, Meredith and your card is soooo gorgeous! WOW, girly! you've outdone yourself! xxD

Larissa said...

Meredith your card is so fabulous! Love the hearts on the front of the card! Thanks for the fabulous tutorial, I had a good time making my first shakercard ever.


Carmen said...

Oh Meredith this is a beautiful card and tutorial. I've linked to it in the Gauche Alchemy newsletter - I hope that's OK? Will be being sent out in the next couple of days - give me a shout if you are not happy for me to feature it?

Carmen x

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