Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For The Kids - Coloring Play-dough

As part two of my post from yesterday I promised you that I'd show you how to color your natural colored homemade play dough! 

All you need is food coloring.  Or you can use Kool-aid drink mix as well.   I love using food coloring as the colors come out rich and vibrant and you get to get super messy in the process!  =)  Which is fabulous for the kiddies!  They simply LOVE it!

Form your dough into a ball and make a small well with your thumbs.  Think "pinch-pots" from art class or arts and crafts time at camp!  Don't make a hole in the dough as the well is a place for your coloring to sit before you start kneading it.  Start with a few drops of whatever color you'd like.  I slice my dough into small pieces as you saw in my former post here
Depending on the amount of dough you are coloring will depend on how much color you need.  Once you add the liquid food coloring to the little well in your dough, pinch the well closed and slowly start kneading the dough to incorporate the color.  Wear messy clothes, a smock or apron because there is no way you will escape this process unscathed!  ;)  And your hands...well...unless you want them stained for a couple of days...wear latex or rubber gloves!  I love the mess so I go into it bare handed!

Keep kneading and adding color until you have the desired color!!

Here are some pictures of the fabulous kiddies in my art class yesterday getting oh so messy whilst coloring their awesome playdough!

My darling son! 
 Lots of different colors!
Starting to get messy!

Having fun!!!
Awesome colors!!!

Some of the best boys in the world!!!
The one girl in my class...my sweet daughter...she's so fabulous and able to hang with the awesome rough and tumble boys!!  Notice all of the green and blue dye on her tshirt?  Ya...that's why she's wearing such a scrubby shirt!!  LOL!
Super rich in color!!!  Let's knead it a bit more!!! 
I hope you've enjoyed, been inspired and DEFINITELY try this at home!!!


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