Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paper Canteen Daily

I have a secret to share...organization isn't exactly my strong suit.  I should add to that statement that I am very good at organizing areas of my house.  It's KEEPING them organized that's the problem.  I rarely put things back where they belong.  I'm not entirely sure why but I do keep exploring to find out the *glitch* if you will, in my system that causes me to do this so that I can eventually correct it.

But...during that exploration process I try to do small things everyday to keep me on track and organized throughout my day, especially in the summer when days sometimes melt (no pun intended) away with little getting done.  My darling husband put up a GIGANTIC white board in our kitchen without which I could not survive!!  Every night I write the next days date and weather and beneath that, a list of bulleted points that need to get accomplished.  I have an area of crafty assignments that need to get done, a psuedo-grocery or household needs list, a wish list for all sorts of things, some passwords for things like forums and whatnot that I can NEVER remember and on and on.  I told you it was a big board!  It's just fabulous and helps a ton.

But what I cannot do is take said board with me when I'm out and about for the day!  So I keep blank 4"x6" notecards available at my fingertips along with lots of pens.  I translate whatever needs to be done (at least out and about) onto my notecard and slip it into my tote when I'm heading out.  Some days my list is rather ho-hum, daunting or otherwise not exciting.  But after I wrote today's list...I looked at it and smiled!  So I thought I'd share it with you all.

I'm looking forward to heading out in about an hour for this super fun day!!
I hope you all have beautiful and organized days planned!!


Star said...

Sounds like fun! Have a good day. =D (Especially that "swim" part!!)

Sparkly Engineer said...

LIke you organizing idea. I have to get organized asap so I can keep up with family, mom, and dt responsibilities - haven't figured it all out yet.