Monday, July 18, 2011

For The Kids - Tabletop Sandbox

Greetings everyone!!  Just popping in to share today's Grunge Art Class theme pictures!!  This afternoon my little grungy crew made the most AMAZING table top sandboxes!  We started with plain decorative boxes that I found in the clearance section at Michael's.  They were flowery and a bit tacky in design.  Think early to mid-1990's flowery patterned sundresses.  LOL!

I had the boys spray paint the boxes white.  I then provided them with a couple of different colored spray paint - in the interest of finances, I raided my husband's basement spray paint collection.  Bright yellow and fluorescent yellow/green.  The boys loved it!
Due to the intense humidity here in the Northeast, I knew the paint was not going to dry quickly so I brought scraps of newspaper for them to add to their creations along with Mod Podge.  I taught them how to add the scraps and paint on the Mod Podge with foam brushes to keep the newspaper in place and to add a nice shine to it!
We then made "treasure spoons".  I had the boys spray paint plastic spoons with the neon paint, then spray adhesive (which I applied just to be safe) and then they coated the spoons in gold glitter.  
Next came the sand!  I purchased light blue, dark blue, purple and black play sand at Michael's.  They each chose a mixture of each color sand.  They loved touching, digging and running the sand through their hands!
As a surprise for each student, I had put together small zip top baggies with trinkets I picked up at the craft store.  I found a ton of pre-packaged "theme" buttons - sports, transportation, bugs, space, garden etc.  I opened them all up and gave each child a small selection of each to bury in their sandboxes and dig up with their newly designed treasure spoons!!
It was definitely one of my most favorite classes!!  If you live in Eastern Massachusetts and would like to come to one of my Boys Only Grunge Art Classes please drop me an email at! It is $15 for a single drop in class.  I teach this class on Monday afternoons from 4-5pm.

I hope you and your littles are having a very creative day!!