Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paper Canteen Valentine's Day Blog Candy Winner!!

 Thank you to all who participated in my blog candy give-a-way!!  Thank you to everyone who was so sweet and kind to put the picture on your sidebar!!  (you can take them down now) 

Without further ADO!!  Here is the winner of my amazing blog candy package!
I put all the names (yes I wrote them over and over and over) on tiny scraps of paper.  And when my husband got home I had him close his eyes and draw one winner!

YAY ROSALEE!!  Congratulations!!!  So thrilled for you!!

Now - I must sincerely thank you for all of your beautiful, thoughtful and fabulous questions and ideas.  I have compiled a list and I will be coming up with a schedule in order to answer them all!!  I will answer one question per week whether it be a written description, a photo or video tutorial or a creation request.  I will get all your questions answered!

Thank you again for supporting me!  I will definitely be back soon with more fabulous blog candy!!

Congratulations again to Rosalee!! 

Crafty Hugs!