Monday, January 12, 2015

Well, well, well...

You know when you just get on a roll with something and then a giant wrecking ball comes in and smashes your well laid plans to bits!?  Ya...that.  We began last week gang busters...all planned, well thought out, prepared.  We had started our studies on ancient civilizations, specifically Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent.  We were having a great time and then...the stomach flu hit.  For real.  It started with Ari right after New Years Day.  It lasted 3 days and it was just constant, projectile vomiting.  I'm the one who catches it while holding him and Ian - thank the holy heavens for Ian, he's my "it" man.  He gets whatever I need to clean up, wipe up, pick up, scrub, sterilize and disinfect.  He strips beds, does the laundry, remakes beds, vacuums, etc.  He's simply the.BEST.  You have no idea.  So after Ari threw up on himself, his bed and me more times than I can count he was done with the bug and then many days had passed.  We held our breath and moved on with school.  And then...Ty caught it.  And, on repeat in my head, the Queen song "Another One Bites The Dust" started to play - on loop.  Poor Ty was down and out for about 3 days.  And me and Ian?  Well - so much more laundry and getting puked on.  And riddle me this, why oh WHY does it always hit in the middle of the night?!!?!?  Sooo after Ty had it we waited some more and then sure enough poor Kendall caught it.  Oh sigh...thankfully hers only lasted a mere 2 days.  Good lord where's my hazmat suit?!  So she rested all weekend and then again, we started today up and running finishing off our unit on Mesopotamia, or at least trying to. And thennnnnnnnnnnn Ian was on his way home at lunchtime as HE was starting to get it!!  For real people?!  I am now the last woman does that happen!?  Wish me luck as you KNOW it's coming my way!!!  (fingers crossed that somehow the magical mix of many germs from being thrown up on again and again have combined to create some kind of stomach flu fighting super cure!  ha!!)

Anyway - I'll share with you how our day went - which was awesome!

We started by making some beautiful pictures for a dear friends dear Mom who is recovering from surgery.
great books
she's blogging and he's working on spelling
getting ready to do T25!!
yep - you heard it T25 baby...get movin!!
cool down...
reading time!
free choice!
library time!!
serious cuteness...
sooooo fun...
art time!  
working on a project inspired by The Striding Lion
this cracks me up...for so many reasons!
the crafty force is strong with this one, too!
he's so cute and he SO knows it!
Off to care for my latest patient!

Wish me luck!

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