Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How Do You Write?

Greetings Friends!  Today we had a pretty busy school day with lots of academics and not a ton of photos but I do have a few!
that sweatshirt used to be mine ;)
The cold snap is hitting us here in the Northeast so we're hunkered down in long sleeves, sweatshirts and heavy socks!
yes that's a giant mug of hot chocolate - what?  it's freezing!!  ;)  (yes there are peppermint marshmallows in there)
We did our core academics, as always, but we also focused a lot today on cuneiform which is the first known form of writing.  It's totally amazing and the kids were loving it!

decoding cuneiform

We also had a great time playing with Ari and rocking out to some Billy Jonas Band (amazing children's musician). If you don't know him and you have young kids you MUST check him out.
yes, yes...those are jingle bells strapped to his legs!  he wore them for HOURS loving the sounds they made when he walked, jumped and danced
the crafty force is strong in this one!
magnet board!  (shhhhh it's really a cookie sheet!)
mmmmmmmmm...peanut butter, Nutella and apple sandwiches along with sliced apple, honey and sprinkles (purely for color;)
you know it's cold when I'm wearing hats, long sleeves and a down vest indoors!!
we give each other love and thoughtful notes during the day in a jar in the middle of the table - this was mine today from Tyler...i crack up EVERY time I read it!!

See y'all tomorrow!


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