Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

oh and my darling hubby and i finally watched An Inconvenient Truth...if you havent seen it...RUN. to get it and watch it now...seriously...and tell EVERYONE you know to do the same...

and ya ya i'm hopping on a won't be my first time! but this bandwagon is going to change this planet...or so we hope...and it's changed me forever...which is indeed the point...changing the person at a time...

a few months ago i switched from the grocery bags that they give you at the store and started buying the reusable ones. i have about a dozen or so from various markets and i keep them bundled in the back of my car and i bring them into any store i go into - grocery or not. i mean...what's the difference??

and you should see the looks that i get when i go into any non-grocery store, like CVS or AC Moore. like i'm some crazy madwoman because i want to use a bag that i already have versus a plastic one that i don't need! wonder al gore (who by the way is a very handsome man!) has such a hard time convincing people!! i can't even use a recycled bag without getting funny looks...jeesh!!

my hubby and i agreed that when we run out of any HABA product we're going to seek an organic - preferably in a recycled package - product to replace our conventional stuff. it'll take some seeking out i'm sure, to find the stuff that we like that won't completely break our one salary budget. going to Whole Paycheck (Foods) isn't the option, really. They're just SO expensive. But I know there are plenty of alternatives...perhaps on-line is a better way to go. If anyone has any great organic products (HABA or otherwise) please let me know!! I'm treading into VERY foreign territory here!! I'm used to going to MAC and Bobbi Brown...not so much organic those brands...*sigh*. That would make life easier! i do use Mrs. Meyer's lavender all purpose cleaner and i LOVE it!

ok...i'll climb down from my organic soap box now ;)


Unknown said...

You know me, I'm about as far from "earthy" as I get. But I LOVE my reusable bags. I decline a bag at every store I go to now - I'll just tuck that in my huge purse -- and they look at me funny and I say with an enormous smile "Every bag I leave in the store, is one more I don't have to throw away!" Target has some organic products that are pretty reasonable, Method Brand. Its just hard when you have to buy it all at ONCE... but renewing them now and again isn't so bad. I also highly reocmmend the Ecover brand diswhashing tabs. No phosphates and actually clean BETTER than the brand name I'd been using before.I can't even SAY out loud the number that our grocery bill was at whole paycheck. Its sickening.

Anonymous said...

Josie Maran has a really lovely line of organic make-up that's new. I haven't personally tried anything from it yet because you can only get in on-line of from some very high-end stores that we don't have here in my neck of the woods. But I hear you about making the switch. We're working on it over here, too. For food, if you are interested in organic produce, you can try a local co-op. It's a lot of produce every week, but if you can find someone to share the "subscription" with, it's totally worth it. Good luck and welcome to the bandwagon! We're on it, too!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I love your blog by the way! Always entertaining and creative. I have not seen the movie but have been recycling and taking cloth bags to the store. Also I love Origins makeup available at Macy's. Believe me is great and smells so nice.b Keep us posted on other ways you go green.PS We just switched to Shaklee's green cleaners. They are concentrated so they last longer and are very economical.Plus the baby can crawl on a clean floor now not one full of chemicals.

Leslie said...

Hi Meredith,

I am sorry to hear about you and your family being so sick. I hope you are all on the mend and back to normal very soon.

As I am sure you remember, I am an independent consultant with Arbonne. So, I wanted to let you know that the many botanical ingredients used in Arbonne’s products are organic, from the perspective of having been grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Not all ingredients in the products are available as organic which is why they cannot make such a claim. Know that Arbonne always chooses organic when it is available.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more because I can certainly help out in that department.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I forgot all about Arbonne. It is a nice line and they have great products (ABC) for kids, too, that we used when the girls were newborns.

Also, can't go wrong with Aveda, the make-up is very nice.

Anonymous said...

I started using Clorox Green Works while down in VA..not only does it clean well it smells FANTASTIC!! It is based with coconut...yummy!! Talk about feeling like SUMMER and the daydreaming Kenny Chesney is singing in my kitchen while we drink just 2 of the reasons I love it! The all purpose cleaner is great and you can get it at BJ's!

expatmom (Colleen H.) said...

You must pop over to my blog too! So funny that I just read this today. I have been "going green(er)" over the last while too, and I have begun posting actions on my blog that can be taken with this goal in mind. I saw An Inconvenient Truth quite a while ago. Talk about eye opening. Although I haven't purchased many organic products...I just bought Seventh Generation cleaners, and they seem to do the trick. For another natural alternative, you can go the way of our grandmothers and use vinegar and water. It disinfects and is natural to boot!

Anonymous said...

I work at AC co-workers and I are always asking people that have only 1 or 2 items do the NEED a bag. Most say NO..I really hate it when someone comes in and they have like 3 kids and each kid need a bag for their one little fuzzy bear or one book that they will look at in the car and toss the bag.

I have SOOOOO many reusuable bags I am

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