Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pay It Forward

My darling blogger friend and fellow sassy mommy, Melissa, received a little gift from a friend of hers and was asked to share in the spirit of "Paying It Forward". She chose 3 names randomly (or I should say, her sweet daughter Pea did the drawing! so cute!!) and I was one of the names! YAY!! Thanks Melissa!

So now it's my turn!! If you'd like to play you need to do 2 things...

1. Leave a comment on my blog revealing one thing about yourself that people may not know! (only if you're comfortable doing so!! *wink*)

2. Agree to participate by "Paying It Forward" on your blog/site by passing on a little something to 3 people. It can be purchased, made, found in your home, re-gifted...whatever!

It's the perfect time of year for this because everyone in everyone - whether you live in a cold climate or not- is cooped up and a little ray of sunshine in your mailbox is always fabu!!

Thanks Melissa for 'Paying It Forward' and for being such a great 'virtual' friend!!!

I almost forgot...I will choose 3 names out of a hat on Sunday night!!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea Meri!
1. I was the Easter Bunny 2 years in a row...dressed up in that big HUGE costume in April...sweating like a donkey...but it was worth for all those little kiddies!!
2. I will be happy to pay it forward...

expatmom (Colleen H.) said...

Glad I now have the link to your blog. :) Hope you are all feeling better.
I love your little here goes...
1) I once worked on a construction site as a surveyor, with like 300 men...I was constantly stopped by people wanting to know who I worked for. I guess I didn't look like I fit in. :)
2) I will have fun paying it forward!

nita said...

So fun! Pick me cuz I know where you live. And, I'll just come over and pick my own gift and you can see if you can figure out what I snagged ;)

1. I get nervous sometimes.

2. I'm all about Pay-It-Forward!

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