Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pretty Mama!

I'm headed to a baby shower of a good friend tomorrow. She's an AMAZING young woman who has been through more than she should ever have to go through in her very young mid-twenties life. She's grounded, solid, strong, loving, and above all nurturing. She's married to a WONDERFUL man and are sharing a blessed life together. Now they are about to welcome a baby girl into their world and I really can't think of 2 more deserving people.

I papercraft because I love giving beautiful things to all of the beautiful people in my life. I work hard to create something unique and special every time I sit down at my desk...but this one felt close to my heart and I really tried hard to make this extra, extra special for her.

I can't wait to meet her little bundle!!!

And now or the administrative stuff!! I used the '06-'07 In-Color - SU! Cool Caribbean as my base pulling from the shades in this Basic Grey DP that I had and was dying to use!!! It's from the PHOEBE collection and this print is called Haight Street. I then chose my textured Purely Pomegranate ('07-'08 In-Color SU!) cardstock and created a 'belly band' around the middle of my 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" card. I was dying to use my pregga-Bella stamp! I paper pieced her outfit using the same Basic Grey DP as I used on her shirt and I used the Cool Caribbean as her jeans. I colored her hair dard brown - same as the Mama to be and colored her belly and face using my Prismacolor markers. I used my Sakura stardust pen in dark pink for her sneakers and to put a few shiny streaks through her hair.

I stamped her in Staz-on in Jet Black on Shimmery White SU! cardstock. I layered her with the complimentary colors Purely Pom, Cool Caribbean and a little pink polka dot scrap that I had lying around. I felt that the stamped image needed 'something' and tried using an SU! rhinestone brad but the back prongs were too long and stuck out from the edges of the stamped image so I decided to create a row of equal holes and thread this adorable tiny-dot light pink ribbon through. (it reminded me of the lacing cards that I do with my daughter!!) I finished the card with some light pink 5/8" SU! grosgrain ribbon and I popped the entire image up on SU! dimensionals.

The sentiment on the inside says "So happy for you" - from the new Nursery Necessities set. (thanks Sarah!!!)

I really couldn't be happier with the way this turned out. I hope she loves it!!!

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