Friday, March 21, 2008


So...I got this...I must admit...I'm a little intimidated by it. But it's AWESOME!!!! I fiddled a little with it last night but forced myself to get to bed at a respectable hour because I'm still working on getting back to being healthy. But...I am so excited to play today!!! It came with 4 cartridges plus ink. I bought one extra cartridge plus the tool kit and some extra mats. question to you is...does anyone have any words of wisdom for this die cutting bohemith? Any good tricks? Anything to watch out for? If not...I'll do my best to post my findings on the ease and convenience.

I hope that everyone has a very creative weekend!!!

ps - if anyone's interested...I got it at AC Moore...the price they have listed on line is $368.99. It's an amazing deal!


nita said...

well ... my head started to hurt when you started susplainin it but! now i know what to get you for every holiday. CRACK! SO YOU CAN STAY UP ALL NIGHT WITH YOUR CRICUT! hahahah

tam said...

I really want one of those but for now I will live vicariously through you. Keep us posted on what a good value it is so I can convince myself to go for it.

Joanne B. said...

NO WAY! You did not!
OMG, I'm so insanely jealous!

Although, you totally deserve it after the witch of a winter you've had!