Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Fairy Farewell!

Hello Friends!

Ahhhhhh...Friday always feels fabulous.  Regardless of the fact that there's much to do on the weekends, the vibe is slightly different and definitely more relaxed.  It's a lovely feeling.  Our day started out like most, with my sunrise walks.
We had our spelling text - everyone rocked this week's words!  We then had lots of reading time, followed by math, science and art.  Today's project/experiment was watercolor painting with salt.  The kids were amazed at the reaction when the salt hit the wet paint.  The results were very cool indeed and left us with fun papers to use in a future project.
spelling test
beautiful job!!
math time! Ty worked on time telling and double digit addition while Kendall worked on her multiplication tables and geometry
journaling time
free thought journaling
science/art time!
So fun, simple and amazing results!

snuggled down with Katie for some reading time
snuggled down in the teepee - reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

he tried to escape to the teepee in lieu of tubbytime!
After school was done we headed on some quick errands and then Kendall had her Acro class.  She loves it because it's tumbling, gymnastics and acrobatics all rolled together.  There's no recital for her to worry about - she's not interested in being on stage at all.  Tyler was supposed to have his dance class Friday evening but he's had a lingering cough since his flu shot last week.  It's moving along but I wanted him to rest up so that it didn't turn into anything bigger.  Next week he'll rejoin his all boys tap, hip-hop and jazz class.

And thus our week (and a half) unit on fairies drew to a close.  We ended the study with a reading of an Usborne abridged version of  A Midsummer Night's Dream from the Young Reading Series 2.  We talked about William Shakespeare, when he lived and what other influential pieces of literature he wrote.  The kids were fascinated by the vintage of the story.  They thought it was amazing that it was 400+ years old.  They tried hard to find the humor in this comedic piece, as it's very confusing, and eventually with all of it's twists and turns and mix-ups were giggling at the ridiculousness of it.
Next week, we're starting at the beginning of time with the Big Bang Theory!  I can't wait to share what we have planned!  Until then friends!

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