Thursday, September 25, 2014

Branching Out

Hello Friends!!
I'm using this week (and last) as an exercise in "going with the flow" so to speak during our days. Today the older children have yoga class from 11-12 and then we are heading to meet up with a "new to us" group of homeschool families.  They are having a fairy house building event today at a local park!  How perfect for us!
Ari is only "slightly" obsessed with Mister Rogers
The kids are super excited and spent quite a bit of time preparing for it after this morning's lessons. We did our art journaling, spelling, handwriting and reading this morning and then the children headed outside to gather materials for fairy house building.  I went through our stash and pulled out tissue paper, yarn, metal rimmed paper tags, ribbon, etc.
D.E.A.R. time
I love that she's in the middle of 3-4 books at any given time
his handwriting is amazing me!

I love how creative her sentences are!
Ari's first art work!!
Art journaling - what fairy animal would you have as a pet?  Kendall chose the body of a horse with Pegasus wings and the face of a Mandrill - of course!  (wink!)
Ty's imagination always amazes me.
We headed right to the fairy gathering after yoga and upon arrival felt instantly welcomed and at home.  The kids were busily making all manner of gorgeous fairy house and there were amazing examples displayed for inspiration.  There were baskets of beautiful, natural supplies available for everyone to share and use.  There were snacks set out in wooden baskets and bowls - also available for everyone to share. There was a gorgeous, rainbow flag garland hanging from the tree under which we were building the fairy houses.  In all honesty it looked like the cover of a Magic Cabin catalog...and that my friends, is a beautiful thing.  It was cozy, warm, welcoming and delightful to be a part of.  I am looking SO forward to the next event with this group. 

We bought this fantastic book this past weekend at the All At Once All Agog toy store in Cornish, ME (amazing if you're ever in the area!) and we brought it to the gathering for our new friend Nicole (organizer of the event) to read to the children.
building under this gorgeous tree
getting started!
Oh the inspiration!!
building away!
we brought the fairy doors that we built last week to adorn our new houses!
yes, it's done
setting it up next to her brothers 
My children built their houses, Kendall a teepee and Tyler a fairy house.  They started to build away from the new group and I gently tried to encourage them to move closer so that they could build with everyone.  Eventually they gravitated back to the fringe where they were originally and I let them be. I don't want to force them to engage with new people until they are ready.  The children that were there were all very nice and sweet so I think that if we continue to attend events with the children in this group they will meet some new friends in time.  Kendall had a friend there that she already knew so that was helpful for her.  I met some new and delightful people that I look forward to meeting up with again.  It is definitely hard at parks and events like this with Ari as all he wants to do, naturally, is run.  This makes it tough for me to meet and chat with people but we did the best we could.  Between the stroller and the backpack we made it work.  All in all it was a great day!  Kendall went home with her friend for a playdate and then her friend came over for dinner and a movie.

What a wonderful way to end the day!

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