Monday, September 15, 2014

Here's What I'm Finding...


It's Monday and that means back to routine, right? usually does around these parts but today it's been a different beast entirely!  
We had an 18 month well visit for our littlest today.  When I made the appointment months ago, I presumed that he would have transferred to one mid-day nap by now yet he has not.  (no complaints here!)  But it definitely made the morning fussy for sure!  Coupled with the fact that he's at the perfect age for "stranger anxiety" AND we had a blood draw for a lead test AND flu was a banner visit!  We LOVE our pediatrician and everyone in her office so if nothing else, it is a nice place to go.  While we were there I had the older two get their flu shots at the same time.
 Easy peasy - done.  At this point it was either bring the baby home for nap or push him through so that he could attend his gym class.  He dozed on the way back home and toward gym.  We had about an hour to burn and we needed a bday gift for a friend so to Barnes and Noble we went!
  My rationale was that if we went home and he went for nap at 10:30 he'd be up at 12:30 for the remainder of the day and that would serve no one. He had a blast at Barnes and Noble and the gym and then napped for 3 hours this afternoon so that we could get some lessons in!
amazing kid-picks!
it's an obsession...and I totally get it!
I have explained to the kids that on days like today our "schooling" looks different than what we're all used to.  There's a term called "deschooling"that is used to refer to the letting go of the conventional picture of what we're all used to school looking like.  Desks, teachers, lots of kids and big classrooms.  Yes, that is one very popular and conventional picture of what school looks like.  And lots of days, we are in our classroom, heads down and focused.  

Today is what is called "life learning".  The kids continue to learn how to interact with adults, in stores and in offices.  Ty asked the pediatrician about how our body makes blood and do our veins ever end?  She took the time to give him the answers in detail, and they learned.  They helped me at Barnes and Noble figure out how much money we were going to spend based on the books we had in our arms - including the teacher discount! (wink!) While at gym with Ari, the kids read for about 40 minutes.  We came home and while Ari went for a nap they watched another episode of the amazing show Cosmos and learned about Sir Issac Newton.  Then they came into the classroom did their math for today and then we moved onto a fairy art project!  Yes, fairies!  That's our latest theme, picked by my daughter naturally!  So where I'm going with all of this is that what I'm learning is that it's all learning and that it really is OK that it doesn't look the same every day.

Fairy Bell necklaces

This is what homeschooling on the go looks like in our house!
DEAR time while Ari had gym!
The weekend was great, lots of errand running on Saturday and we had a fun family day yesterday filled with good food, good company and some football.  We also spent time outside playing a "new to me" game called ladder ball.  It's kind of like horseshoes but without the pit and it's upright.
Anyway, it gets everyone outside and playing and that's what's the most important.  Here's the weekend wrap-up in photos!

they want to fish!  
chocolate dipped chocolate macaroons
the older two asked us to bring these out of storage...they played for hours...double swoon!
ribbit - tiniest frog ever!
my bizarre hydrangea that only blooms one bloom every 3-4 years!
family lunch out!
shopping for fishing poles (I laugh every time I say it - those of you who know me know why! - for those of you who don't...let's just say that I'm not very "outdoorsey" but for them?  I'll try anything!)

According to our schedule, tomorrow seems that it will be a less hectic day - I'll keep you posted!  ;)

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