Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Friday, Isn't It? (wink!)

Since having children I've found that I'm a person who enjoys routine.  It's necessary for them for sure but it's also necessary for me as well.  That being said, a homeschool schedule isn't always "routine".

We're heading away tomorrow for a few days so it'll be my first "on the road" homeschooling experience.  As I've stated, I feel very classical about my children's education - most of the time.  I feel that regular practice of reading, handwriting, spelling, math facts, grammar, etc. is important and necessary.  The beauty of homeschooling however, is that the rote practice can happen anywhere.  I'm not bringing our handwriting lessons, but we will be doing writing while away.  I'm not bringing their math books but we will be doing math while we're away.  You see where I'm going with this.

Anyway - today is kind of like a Friday for me as I don't have to meticulously prepare the rest of the week's lessons and can take a little bit of a "break" from my routine.  It's a different kind of preparation and planning.

Today was rather routine however.
We had journal time, spelling, reading comprehension and math.
What kind of fairy house would you live in?
spelling practice
working on personal narratives
lots of facts!
math practice
We did a phenomenal art project that was a HUGE hit with both my kids.  As stated in previous posts this week (and part of next) we're studying fairies.  Today we made a fairy tea set with acorn caps.  They came out better than I could have imagined!  The kids did a great job!
using Fimo clay to make the "tea bags"
sanding the acorn caps so that they lay flat
warming up the Fimo!
cuter than I ever imagined!!
picture perfect!!
so proud!
They've been playing with them all evening!
Love his green!!
"pouring" his tea!
We then headed off to the market for a few quick things and then to a friends house for a playdate for Ari and jump time for K & T!
They've always loved looking at the lobsters!
So does Ari!
Jump time!
tea party time!
night night!
Tonight K and I have "parent special" night!  Ready for this?  We're doing a latch hook kit!!  Helloooooo 1980!!  Can't wait to see how it turns out!!