Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A New Day!

Here we are!  Back in our regular schooling action.  I am finding that I'm not great when thrown what I deem as "messy" scheduling days.  But I'm learning to adjust and organize those days accordingly.  It will take time.

Today is pretty routine.  I started out on my 6 am walk with the baby.  Then once the older kiddies were up and had their morning routines done we moved onto yoga, pledge, calendar review, art journaling, spelling, feature story (the story in which the spelling words were taken from), handwriting and grammar.
We worked with our monster multiplication wheels today along with more fact practice.  I'm keeping the kids moving slowly on math as K gets easily frustrated when pushed too fast.  She felt last year she missed some concepts so we're going over a lot of it again so that I know she's comfortable with her base facts before moving forward.  T is quick to pick up math so I'm slowly bringing him up to a level where I can tell he's comfortable.  Everyone was exhausted after almost 4 hours of straight lessons so they asked if they could have rest time.  I was happy to oblige!
It's a grey day where we are so everyone was feeling quite "logi" after our morning lessons.  I let them snuggle down and watch Human Planet while they had their lunch.  We then all went on a two mile walk.  When we came back we played in the yard for a while practicing our ladder ball skills and running Katie around.
We came back and everyone regrouped and came back to the classroom to finish their math lessons and then had DEAR time - which is always welcomed as they get to snuggle down and read.  K headed up to my bed and T hunkered down in the teepee.

In the afternoon, we finished our fairy bell necklaces.  The kids loved helping me use the drill to make holes in the acorn caps.

It was SUCH a fun and fast project to pull together.  All you need is acorn caps, glitter, Elmer's glue, string and bells.  Drill holes in the tops of the acorn caps, cover with Elmer's and glitter.  We let ours dry overnight.  You could glitter first and then drill the holes.  I did both and found it does not matter which you do first.  Next step is to find the bell that roughly fits your acorn cap, thread yarn or embroidery floss through the acorn cap coming from the top down, then thread your bell then loop back coming up through the acorn cap and tie a knot!  Voila!  Fairy bell necklaces!  

This mostly concluded our formal lessons for today.  Ty had his first archery class today which he LOVED!
He had a blast!  Can't wait until next week!  

We came home for dinner and bed for Ari.  The older two had dinner and then we settled into my bed for what I call a "bed party!"  I can't take credit for the concept - I shamelessly stole the term from my dear friend Patty!  My older kids grabbed 3-4 books each, as did I and we got into my bed at 6 pm and read for over 2 hours.  I allowed the kids to each have some jelly beans in.my.bed!  I rarely let them have dessert during the week so this was a huge treat!  After all our reading and conversation, we watched a Blue Planet on Netflix for about a half an hour and then after a fierce tooth-brushing everyone headed off to bed!  
I can't wait for tomorrow!