Friday, September 12, 2014

And we're back!

It's the end of another wonderful week!  I can hardly believe it.  Why did this week feel like it flew by!?  I'm definitely finding that my intense preparation is paying off.  I work and work every evening after the kids go to bed (for a bit) and for quite a large portion of the weekends to not only get on top of everything I want us to accomplish in the week coming up but also for the weeks after that.  I plan all of their lessons, art projects, science experiments, and all of their out of the house extra curricular (yoga, hip hop, archery, sewing and acro).  After the kids go to bed, I wipe the white board clean and set it up with the next day's schedule.  So far, it's working for us.
As yesterday was a bit "off" from our regularly scheduled programming..if you're interested see this post, last night was still a bit of the same.  My car was due for service and new tires so we met Ian at our service shop and left my car for some TLC.  Right across the street is a great burger/ice cream place so off for an early dinner we went!
best automotive repair/service EVER!
blurry but still cute!
he gives the juciest baby kisses...and he was holding my face on the left and yanking a fistful of my hair on the right!  yeowch!  But I don't care...he's too delicious!
After this we came home and Ari headed off to bed.  It was T's night for parent "special" and he chose Ian this week and wanted to do straws and connectors.  They are awesome at this.  K and I did a rainforest puzzle.  It's an awesome excuse for us to stop our choring and/or routine stuff and spend quality one on one time with each child.
gettin' our puzzle on!

So that was our evening!  Moving on!  Today is a typical Friday.  Sunrise walk, cute baby, fun music - early morning. 
so early the moon was still out!
ahhhhhhhhh...there's the sun!
 Then yoga, pledge, calendar review.  
Today's art journaling was what I call "open page" which means they can journal about anything they like; this was followed by our spelling quiz.  We then had grammar, reading comprehension followed by DEAR time.  Math review and fact practice. 
She wanted her page to be a surprise!
Lucas is Ty's imaginary sweet and adorable.
Spelling test time!
Rocked it!
Smartie pants!
There's always room for a visitor in our classroom!
HA!  Giving me the hairiest eyeball EVER!
DEAR time in the teepee!
Snuggled down...
Hello world!  
Finishing up math
Today is park day!  And this week (yay!) it's in our town!  Park day is great but it's tough when it's 45+ minutes away.  We're getting used to being in the car more often and being out and about more - truth be told, I'm a total homebody.  My husband and I don't go out on the weekends at night, I don't go out during the week with girlfriends, I'm home all.the.time.  And I like it that way.

We got there early and left early so it was really just us which was totally fine.  The kids had a great 
time.  After the park we went to a dear friends house to play and visit.  They also happen to have a trampoline so the kids got to jump to their hearts content!
Testing out his friends trumpet!  Considering he's never touched one in his life he sounded pretty good!
This afternoon as a wrap up to our scaly and slimy week, we will finally be cutting open our "reptile eggs"! The children recorded their findings in their science journals and were amazed at the results.  
Definitely nervous as to what was going to be going on inside!
It literally popped open like a balloon the second I touched it with scissors!
his findings
his findings continued
his observational drawing
her findings
her observational drawing
And we simply couldn't leave a week of slimy and scaly behind without trying out a new slime recipe!  My kids love slime.  The more jiggly the better!  They don't like the kind that seizes up and becomes more putty like.  They want it oozy and gooey!  And I found a recipe that uses equal parts water, glue, food coloring and liquid starch (which you have to buy online) that is perfect.  
We did a few batches and perfected the recipes and colors as we went.  The kids have been playing with it for over an hour...that's how I know it's a good recipe!  

Looking forward to the weekend and planning next week's adventures!  Until then friends!

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