Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Tuesday!!

Oh rain rain rain!!  I have to say I do wish this storm we're having in the Northeast was snow instead of rain!  We're SO ready for snow!!

Today is the first day that I feel *almost* normal again!  I still woke up feeling sick but it dissipated quickly as I got moving.  Today's schedule was pretty standard.

Art journaling, spelling, handwriting in the form of addressing holiday cards, math and DEAR time.
For journaling time I asked them to think like any of the forms of early man that we've been studying. I asked them to decide what would be the most important aspect of daily life, illustrate and write about it.
They watched a Magic School Bus show and then they played Wii Resort to get their energetic bodies moving as we obviously can't get outside in this crazy weather!

I love their focus when they write.
having so much fun moving around playing Wii!!
This afternoon both big kiddos are having friends over to play which is always fun!

Until tomorrow!!

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